The Hon. Murray Sinclair on why we need truth for reconciliation

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Consumer confidence is up as Canada fights back the fourth wave

As new COVID-19 cases dropped, consumer confidence picked up. The improvement in October’s Consumer Confidence Index mainly reflects the uptick in consumers’ confidence in future employment, as more job openings are expected following the economic reopening.

Quick take  |  1-min read
October 18, 2021
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

Supply Trains: Security and Resilience in Canada’s Propane Market

Canada’s propane supply chain is in good health. Production is up, exports are growing, and investment remains strong. But the supply chain is changing. Not only are new market dynamics poised to create impacts, but disruptions like blockades, strikes, and the increasing use of rail also loom large.

Issue briefing|  15-min read
October 7, 2021
Focus Area—Sustainability

A Better Yardstick: A Capability-Centred Innovation Framework for Measuring Innovation

The importance of innovation is well-understood. Aside from its direct benefits of improved productivity, economic growth, and job creation, innovation allows governments to spend more resources on support for policy priorities, such as education, health, and infrastructure. Another key outcome is the increased income resulting from successful innovation, which leads to a better standard of living.

Impact paper  |  30-min read
September 28, 2021
Focus Area—Innovation & Technology

Waste-management firms have a plastics problem

We lead the world in the generation of solid waste per capita. Plastic waste pollution is one of the seminal environmental issues of our time. On this front, our performance has been poor. Only a quarter of plastic waste is collected, with just nine per cent being recycled. The “take-make-waste” paradigm of our linear plastics economy is unsustainable. A reset is overdue.

Op-ed  |  4-min read
September 27, 2021
Focus Area—Sustainability