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Executive Networks

The Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care

The Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care (CASHC) was created to respond to the reality that Canada’s current public health care system is fiscally unsustainable. With health care costs now consuming more than 40 per cent of all provincial governments expenditures—a number that will soar as the years tick by—the fact is that we will not be able to preserve, let alone improve, the quality of our health care without major reforms.

Under this program, The Conference Board of Canada researches and analyzes the full range of issues, and options for solutions, for both governments and employers. This dual focus sets this initiative apart from others, as does its scope. The research framework includes health care systemic challenges, as well as those related to institutional and professional competencies, and governance. We leverage the quantitative analysis skills of our Economic and Forecast Analysis team, together with the Organizational Performance and Public Policy expertise in other divisions at the Conference Board.

Centre for the Future of Health

The future of health and health care in Canada will be dominated by technology, big data, new health care roles, outcome/value-based health care, participatory medicine, and scientific breakthroughs that will enable us to live longer, healthier lives. When these drivers combine with changing environmental, economic, and social patterns, we will be challenged to adapt at systemic, population, and individual levels. The Centre for the Future of Health (CFH) is a research centre and forum for leaders in the health arena to address complex issues and build capacity for strategic solutions.

As member, be a part of the research initiatives and attend the Centre for the Future of Health’s meetings and events to:

  • Stimulate your thinking in a different way and be part of a place where innovation can set the pace for the future;
  • Participate in an incubator for ideas that can be turned into actionable initiatives;
  • Build new relationships and network with peers from multiple sectors who will help you look outside yourself, your industry, and your country for ideas and solutions.

Council for Healthy Living

Demographic changes in Canada are associated with different health needs. This reality presents new challenges and opportunities for how we define and conceptualize healthy living. Canada needs consolidated efforts, guided by evidence-based models, aimed at creating integrated approaches to promote health and prevent and manage chronic diseases.

The Council for Healthy Living (CHL) is a forum for leaders from public and private organizations, across all sectors and regions, with an interest in working together to enhance the health and quality of life of Canada’s populations.

Council on Workplace Health and Wellness

Creating a healthy workplace is no easy task in today’s demanding work environment. The organizational benefits of a healthy workplace are many—including reduced health care costs, improved productivity and increased employee attraction and retention. To realize these benefits, organizations need current information on the most effective tools and resources. The Council on Workplace Health and Wellness offers you a unique opportunity to join a network of committed health and wellness professionals where you can learn from subject matter experts, hear from leading organizations and share insights with your peers.

Health and Safety Leadership Centre

The Health and Safety Leadership Centre (HSLC) is an exclusive network of Canadian business leaders, governments, and academics supporting the continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces. It is founded on the principle that effective health and safety leadership is essential to the operation of a successful business.

Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care

The Council for Innovation Procurement in Health Care (CIP) focuses on enhancing the capacity of your organization, transferring knowledge and best practices of innovation procurement processes, and enhancing the skills of procurement staff. It aims to:

  • identify and review transformations in relevant countries;
  • assess gaps in Canada’s approach to innovation in procurement;
  • shift the focus of procurement from cost control to value creation; and
  • identify actions that will help Canadian leaders to effectively use innovative procurement tools to attain more value for money and enhance organizational performance.