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Workplace Health, Wellness and Safety

What We Do

Creating a healthy workplace is no easy task in today’s demanding work environment. The organizational benefits of a healthy workplace are many—including reduced health care costs, improved productivity, and increased employee attraction and retention.

To realize these benefits, organizations need current information on the most effective tools and resources. This is where The Conference Board of Canada can help.

Executive Networks

Our executive networks offer members a collaborative community where experienced practitioners in their respective fields with similar roles and responsibilities in organizations and industries across Canada discuss trends, challenges and success stories to continue to build on and improve best practices in their roles.


Upcoming Events

Recent Events

  • Workplace Mental Health 2018
  • Marijuana @ Work
  • Mental Health in the Capital
  • Better Workplace 2017
  • Problematic Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • The Corporate Olympian: High Performance Under Pressure

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