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Council for Chief Privacy Officers

The Council for Chief Privacy Officers (CPO) is a network of senior privacy executives from major organizations across a variety of industry sectors who wish to keep ahead of all critical issues related to privacy. It provides networking and research opportunities for chief privacy officers who are responsible for their organization’s privacy practices, by addressing issues such as creating privacy strategies, leadership skills, communications, garnering executive buy-in, the privacy function within the organization, and privacy metrics.

Who Should Join

Members hold senior positions in major companies, across sectors, with privacy responsibilities for their organizations privacy policies and practices. This council will be of interest to those who are responsible for implementation of federal and provincial privacy legislation.

The role of the Council for Chief Privacy Officers is to:

  • Provide a forum for dialogue about privacy and opportunities to tap into the implementation experience of others
  • Look at the privacy compliance practices and experiences of other companies
  • Benchmark best practices in privacy issues in Canada and other countries

How to Join

To become a member of the Council for Chief Privacy Officers, please contact:

Karlen Herauf
Meetings and Marketing Coordinator


“The Council of Chief Privacy Officers is an excellent forum for keeping abreast of changes in the world of privacy and sourcing best practice tips from a group of peers.”

—HSBC Bank Canada

“Like many compliance professionals, I have limited resources to steer into conferences and training. Therefore, I was initially hesitant about joining the Council of Chief Privacy Officers. However, I have found that I derive great value from my membership. Council meetings always involve high level presenters who are experts in their fields and engaged privacy colleagues battling the challenges similar to those I face in my organization. I walk away from each meeting with new ideas I can immediately implement to strengthen my organization’s privacy compliance program. I had attended numerous privacy conferences prior to joining the Council. Now I am considering whether there is any need for me to attend privacy conferences organized by other organizations.”

—Canadian Western Bank

Contact Us

Karlen Herauf

Meetings and Marketing Coordinator
Email imagee-mail Karlen