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Merchandise Trade Continues to Disappoint

| Feb 06, 2018

Canadian Economy Delivers Broad-Based Solid Growth in November

| Jan 31, 2018

Bank of Canada Hikes Rates 25 Basis Points in Response to Strong Economic Performance

| Jan 17, 2018

Non-Residential Building Permits Increase Again

  • Robyn Gibbard
| Jan 10, 2018
Most of the pickup is occurring in industrial building construction, where activity is booming. Commercial real estate remains in a difficult spot, with very high vacancy rates discouraging new construction in much of the country.

Labour Markets Impress Again

  • Matthew Stewart
| Jan 05, 2018
After today’s release it is clear that there remains little slack in the labour market. Slower more sustainable job growth is in store for the year ahead.

Non-Residential Building Permits Increase Again

  • Robyn Gibbard
| Dec 07, 2017
Both commercial and industrial building permits contributed to the growth this month, indicating that recent investment gains are being sustained. However, there are significant regional differences in building permits, with double-digit growth rates in Ontario and Quebec but declines in the Prairie provinces.

Bank of Canada Remains on Hold for Now

  • Alicia Macdonald
| Dec 06, 2017
With the economy growing in step with the Bank’s forecast, economic capacity rapidly diminishing, and an acceleration in wage growth, we expect that the Bank will continue to gradually increase interest rates throughout next year.

Exports Bounce Back, Imports Falter

  • Doris Chu
| Dec 05, 2017
Although October’s trade numbers are encouraging, the trade sector will not an be an engine of growth for the Canadian economy as it has been over the past few years.

GDP Growth Slows, Though Employment Remains Strong

  • Pedro Antunes
| Dec 01, 2017
After years of weak investment, it seems firms are finally confident enough to pull the trigger on spending. While consumption is expected to weaken as consumers battle higher debt loads, the strong labour market is supportive of continued, albeit softer, spending growth.

Province Lowers Small Business Tax Rate to Coincide with Minimum Wage Hike

  • Daniel Fields
| Nov 14, 2017
With a surplus in their back pocket, the Ontario government felt the time was ripe for a sprinkling of election-friendly announcements including a cut to the small business tax rate and an assortment of minor program spending increases.

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