Corporate Culture 2019: People, Purpose, Performance

Monday January 28 - Tuesday January 29 2019


Canadian Long-Term Forecast 2019 Report
The economy is projected to grow in 2018 and 2019, but will begin to slow in 2020.

Alberta’s Crude Dilemma Blog
Will the Alberta government’s unprecedented intervention to cut back on oil production starting next year pay off?

Fuelled Up: Canada’s Propane Market and Industry Report
The economic footprint of the industry is expanding.

The Quick Take Insights
On-the-spot analysis on key developments involving and impacting the Canadian economy.

Organizational Performance 

Chief Information Officer Survey Survey
Two weeks left to give your input into our annual Canadian CIO Outlook.

Cannabis Use and Workplace Productivity Op-Ed
Will cannabis have a positive or negative impact on workforce productivity?

Compensation Planning Report
Higher salary increases expected for Canadian workers in 2019.

All the Lonely People Op-Ed
The connection between lack of sleep, loneliness and workplace productivity.

Public Policy

3D-Printed Homes in the Canadian North Report
The first from our Cool Ideas series, exploring 3D-printed homes in Canada’s North.

National Pharmacare Report
A primer for understanding some of the different options for national pharmacare in Canada.

GBA+ and Canadian Immigration Policy Blog
What is Gender-Based Analysis Plus and what does it have to do with Canadian immigration?

Is Democracy Doomed? Blog
Democracy is in full retreat in many parts of the world, particularly troubling has been developments in the U.S.


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Toronto’s financial services hub is growing at home and abroad.


Chart showing the growth in real productive stock of capital

Over the past few years, private investment has been lagging—suggesting that investment levels barely exceeded the cost of wear and tear on the existing capital stock. A rebound in investment is key to boosting future production, income, and jobs in Canada. (December 5)


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Alan Arcand discusses what's next for Oshawa and its efforts of diversifying beyond its declining manufacturing sector on BNN Bloomberg. (November 28)


Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability
November 2018, CBoC

Employment, Canada
November 2018, CANSIM

Consumer Confidence
November 2018, CBoC

Leadership Development

The Directors College
Canada’s gold standard in board director education, leading to a McMaster University designation.

The Niagara Institute
High-impact leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Courses and Workshops

Delivering first class learning opportunities such as courses and workshops for business and government professionals to develop new skills, improve their job performance, and advance their careers.

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