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Hot Topics in Immigration

Which Canadian Province Welcomes the Most Immigrants?

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Jan 07, 2019

The Value of GBA+ in Understanding Canadian Immigration Policy Outcomes

  • sara rose taylor
| Nov 26, 2018

How Might Technological Change Impact Canada’s Immigration Needs?

  • Ali Bajwa
| Aug 21, 2018
With immigration composing an increasing share of Canada’s labour-force growth, one of the top priorities for Canadian policy-makers is ensuring that newcomers have the skills to meet the country’s future labour-market needs. If technological advancements (such as automation and AI) lead to significant job losses, policy-makers may need to rethink their immigration targets.

How Can We Predict the Success of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Canada?

  • Ali Bajwa
| Jul 16, 2018
While all immigrants have the potential to contribute to the economy through participation in the labour force, those who come in as entrepreneurs have the potential to expand job opportunities.

Canada’s 2018–2020 Immigration Plan Is a Step in the Right Direction, but Let’s Focus on the Key Issue

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Apr 16, 2018
The 2018–2020 immigration plan puts Canada on the right track to help mitigate the negative economic and fiscal impacts of our aging population and low birth rate.

Why Are International Students Flocking to Canada?

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Apr 09, 2018
Canada has experienced a huge surge in its international student population in recent years. So why are they coming here?

Does Investor Immigration Have a Future in Canada?

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Mar 05, 2018
Canada was once the world leader in attracting immigrant investors. Following its launch in 1986, Canada’s federal Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) welcomed more wealthy immigrants than any program of its kind. But then Canada terminated the program in 2014. Industry stakeholders and potential immigrant investors want to know: will the federal government launch a new investor program?

2017 Was Another Eventful Year in Canadian Immigration

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Dec 06, 2017
As we near the end of Canada’s 150th anniversary year, it is worth reviewing what was yet another eventful year in Canadian immigration.

7.5 Million Immigrants Create Opportunities and Challenges for Canada

  • Kareem El-Assal
| Oct 26, 2017
The release of census data makes researchers and policy-makers feel as excited as children waking up on Christmas Day. Yesterday’s 2016 Census release provides us with a better sense of the characteristics of Canada’s immigrants.

Increasing Canada’s Immigration Levels Depends on Improving Job Outcomes for Newcomers

  • Daniel Fields
  • Kareem El-Assal
| Oct 02, 2017
Canada is currently evaluating how many immigrants to welcome in the future, and in a few weeks the federal government will announce Canada’s 2018 immigration levels target.

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