Cannabis at Work

One Year Later

October 15, 2019 | Conference

Who decides if medical cannabis is a treatment option for you?

This question doesn’t have a clear answer and requires careful consideration, the guidance of your medical professional and, in many cases, a conversation with your employer.

Dr. Bill Howatt, June 6, 2019 | Op-eds

 Our free report explores major areas of concern for employers on the impacts of legalization in the workplace. 

Legalized. Now What?

After recreational cannabis was legalized, we wanted to understand how Canadian organizations are navigating these uncharted waters. Sixty-eight percent of surveyed employers said they were ready for the change.


Flexibility in an Evolving Landscape

Our Benefits Benchmarking webinar provides essential information about how the benefits offering landscape is changing with an increase in medical cannabis authorizations.

Webinar, March 28 2019

What's Changing the Structure of Benefits?

Employers are facing changes in the workplace. One increasing trend is the expectation that medical cannabis will be offered in a benefit plan.

Blog, March 29 2019

Managing Cannabis in the Workplace

The impact of cannabis on workplace productivity is unknown. The need to manage safety & culture risks has been magnified, but the extent of employers’ liability is not yet understood.

Webinar, April 29 2019

Post-Cannabis Legalization Considerations

Regardless of how concerned you are about cannabis legalization, education and communication are critical for a safe workplace. Employers should not assume all employees fully understand the effects.

Blog, October 17 2018

Saskatoon & Regina Economic Outlook 2019

As OneLeaf Cannabis Corporation is planning to build a production plant, Regina is being swept up in Canada’s burgeoning cannabis industry.

Webinar, November 6 2018

Industrial Relations Outlook 2018

Experts discuss what the upcoming year will bring. The forecast calls for a complex environment—the legalization of cannabis and concerns about its use add to the complexities.

Report, December 21 2017

Blazing the Trail.

One Year Later