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Public Sector Executives Network

For executives who lead or are impacted by initiatives relating to strategic review, transformation, collaboration, or innovation, the Public Sector Executives Network (PSEN) is the forum to acquire the insights necessary to tackle today’s challenges. From examining broad themes, such as Driving Public Sector Culture Change, to providing solutions to specific work challenges, like Performance and Motivation Strategies for a Socially Networked Workforce, the PSEN has proven to be a highly valued learning resource for public sector leaders. In a rich collaborative environment, unique in Canada, PSEN program participants benefit from learning opportunities that provide solutions to challenges particular to the public sector.


Those who take part in the PSEN program have noted that their participation:

  • Satisfies the identification and execution of executive learning goals associated with transformation, cross-jurisdictional collaboration, and innovation.
  • Provides insights on evolving themes, topical research and economic trends from Conference Board experts.
  • Identifies solutions to individual and team leadership challenges.
  • Facilitates relationship-building with a diverse group of like-minded Canadian and international public sector leaders.
  • Leverages peer learning opportunities in an intimate environment.
  • Provides access to historical, multi-themed, PSEN presentations.
  • Allows work colleagues to be involved in select PSEN learning opportunities.
  • Presents the opportunity to discuss the merits and applicability of the lessons of international public sector case studies.


Next Meetings

April 12-13, 2018
Ottawa, ON

October 11-12, 2018
Ottawa, ON

February 7-8, 2019
Ottawa, ON

Public Sector Leadership Council

For individuals at the Director (or equivalent level), please visit the website for our Public Sector Leadership Council