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Provincial Liquor Monopolies: Internal Trade Barriers and Sector Competitiveness

  • Melissa Lalonde
| Dec 09, 2016
The Canadian provincial governments are grappling with the idea of allowing interprovincial trade of alcohol. Currently, the provinces have liquor monopolies and strict limits on the amount of alcohol that can be brought across provincial borders. The provinces give significant market advantages to domestic businesses, making the market less competitive and attractive for distillers outside the province and country.

Pressures Growing on Canada’s Dairy Policy

  • Micheal Bloom
  • Glen Hodgson
| Jun 29, 2015
Canada has been a closed market for dairy products for decades, but we are now approaching a turning point. Whether Canada opens up its dairy market may be the central factor for the immediate future of Canada’s global trade opportunities.

Releasing the Canadian Food Strategy: Addressing Challenges and Leveraging Opportunities in Canada’s Food Sector

  • Micheal Bloom
| Mar 04, 2014
Canada is blessed with abundant natural resources that have already made us a highly successful food producer and exporter, increasing the size of our economy and giving jobs to hundreds of thousands. The future holds much promise for the food sector as it feeds Canada and finds new opportunities around the world—global markets are filling with customers who can afford richer diets, more protein, and more calories that Canada can supply.

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