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Webinar Partners

In today’s economy, finding dollars for training and development can be tough. And as you compete with other associations for membership, why not take some steps to offer added benefits to your members?

We invite your association to access valuable learning opportunities for your members by partnering with the Conference Board. There is no fee for partnership—in exchange for promoting our webinars to your contacts, we provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Lower registration rates for your contacts—Your contacts will have access to discounts of up to $100 off any upcoming webinar from the Conference Board! These benefits apply to association members, office colleagues, clients, customers, or other contacts.
  • Lower rates on recorded presentationsOur extensive e-Library contains hundreds of archived webinar presentations on a wide variety of topics, and your members can save on downloads of each and every one of them.
  • Accreditation and professional development—Our webinars feature top leaders and experts sharing their thoughts on the latest trends and research your members need to know. We welcome the opportunity to offer accreditation points or professional development hours for your members on a wide variety of topics
  • Long-term logo recognition on the Conference Board website—Your organization’s logo will appear on our Partnership page, with a link back to your website that your contacts can use to determine if their affiliation can provide added benefits.
  • Complimentary admission for your organization—Your office will receive a pass for each webinar you promote, as well as access to the webinar recording that you can share with your entire organization. Take advantage of the learning opportunities to grow your organization and your people.

For more information on partnerships, please send us an e-mail or call us at 1-866-242-0075. We look forward to working with you!

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To register for an upcoming webinar, simply contact us at 1-866-242-0075 or send us an email.