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The Conference Board of Canada advances our understanding of how to achieve sustainable economic growth. Our work examines how changes in our energy systems, built environment, mobility, and government policies can allow Canada to achieve its economic, quality of life, and environmental objectives.

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Recent Reports

Assessment of Clean Growth Economy Finance

This briefing assesses and informs on the state of clean growth economy financing.

Report—10 pages

Financing a Clean Energy Growth Economy

The availability of, and access to, clean growth financing and risk management is…

Report—10 pages

The Challenge of Carbon Competitiveness

An examination of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

Report—56 pages

Financing Low-Carbon Emissions Transition for Consumers

Climate change is amplifying risk to property, businesses, and infrastructure. Extreme weather events are occurring more frequently...

Report—13 pages

Powering down emissions: case studies

Canada-wide, the electricity sector is undergoing a fundamental transformation. As the sector reduces its GHG emissions, it is already playing a...

Report—41 pages

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Financing Low-Carbon Emissions Transition for Consumers

Consumers are being affected and influenced by the need to reduce their GHG emissions. However, they are unclear of the pathway forward…

Report—12 pages

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ACT 2020 Conference

Canada aspires to move to a clean energy growth economy. If we’re going to achieve that goal, we need to address the barriers—and soon. ACT 2020 will tackle two major obstacles to a clean energy growth economy: technology and sustainable finance.

28 May | Toronto

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