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Executive Networks/Roundtables

Our Executive Networks and Roundtables give members the opportunity to participate in facilitated, closed-door discussions with peers in other public and private sector organizations. Members also benefit from The Conference Board of Canada’s unparalleled access to a broad range of expert speakers.

The Centre on the Low-Carbon Growth Economy

The Centre on the Low-Carbon Growth Economy aims to bring together and build consensus between diverse groups of people to develop a transition road map for the Canadian economy. These groups include different levels of government, First Nations communities, private sector, environmental groups, and engaged citizens. The process will promote innovation and technology development, while supporting the continued growth of an environmentally sustainable economy that benefits all Canadians.

The Centre for Transportation and Infrastructure

The Centre for Transportation and Infrastructure (CTI) is an independent forum and research centre that explores the social, environmental, and economic aspects of transport. CTI brings an interdisciplinary and intermodal perspective to transportation issues that affect us all, whether as members of the business community, policy-makers, or the Canadian public at large. Inspired by approaches and policy measures in other countries, the CTI focuses its research, analysis, and network development on the Canadian context.

Members of CTI have strategic and policy-oriented interests in transportation and are senior-level representatives, thought leaders, and key stakeholders from private sector organizations, government, and academia. Our membership reflects all modes of transportation and engages with issues affecting the movement of people and goods.

CTI’s work is guided by four priority areas:

  • Innovation and disruption
  • Mobility
  • Climate change
  • The infrastructure gap

Roundtable on Shared Mobility

The aim of the Roundtable on Shared Mobility (RSM) is to provide learning, networking, and research opportunities for individuals active in shared mobility and related fields, with a view towards leveraging these services to help fulfill wider policy objectives in urban, rural, and transportation planning. It enables its members and investors to broaden their thinking about how to meet the mobility needs of Canadians in the 21st century. Members of this roundtable are part of a national collective of professionals and practitioners who are committed to creating a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable shared mobility system.

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To learn more about our expertise in Energy, Environment and Transportation Policy, please contact:

Roger Francis
Director, Energy, Environment and Transportation