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Cyber Security Centre

Cyber security continues to dominate headlines globally, creating new challenges across the public and private sectors. In addition to the direct risks of significant financial losses and privacy issues, the impact of reputational damage from a cyber security event continues to escalate. The rapid evolution of technology combined with the ability of attackers to quickly adapt and develop new offensive tools and techniques, further exacerbates the problem. Organizations need to keep adapting to this changing landscape or risk succumbing to new threats.

Given this growing global concern, The Conference Board of Canada launched a Cyber Security Centre to examine the evolving nature of the cyber security threat landscape. While similar forums do exist, they tend to only serve the needs of a specific industry, which means they are not able to capitalize on the learnings that happen in a multi-sector, non-partisan, public/private forum. Cyber security is also increasingly becoming a strategic topic discussed at board and senior management levels and there is a lack of independent multi-sector forums that cover this discussion. The Cyber Security Centre will operate at a strategic, rather than a technical level, to meet the needs of today’s senior executives across sector and industry boundaries.

The Centre meets twice a year to share key issues and discuss the latest developments in cyber security. The Conference Board’s annual Cyber Security conference provides a third meeting opportunity for Centre members, with a broader, public audience on cyber security.

The Cyber Security Centre will provide:

  • A secure environment that brings together public and private sector executives to share key issues and discuss the latest developments in cyber security.
  • A unique cross-industry platform for discussing Canadian cyber security issues at a strategic level.
  • Access to a broad range of cyber security experts from across academia, government and business.
  • Dedicated Conference Board research resources and expertise.
  • An opportunity to influence the Cyber Security Centre’s research mandate.
  • New knowledge to help your organization cope with the evolving challenges of cyber security.

Key Objectives

  • Build insights, through dialogue and research, on how to improve Canada’s cyber security by strategically capitalizing on advanced technologies and practices.
  • Provide a forum for learning that draws on the experience and knowledge of members, as well as Conference Board  staff and external experts.
  • Improve the capacity of member organizations to contribute to the identification, mitigation, and response to cyber security threats.

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