Employee Wellness

Mental Health in the Capital 2021

Disability claims for mental health issues have become a top concern for Canadian employers. Organizations have adopted mental wellness strategies to help employees thrive and to protect psychological safety … but how effective are these strategies?

Conference | March 30–March 31, Ottawa

How employers and employees should manage self-quarantines

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise across the country, many employers are making decisions around when to ask employees to quarantine themselves for their own protection and that of others. But employers who are making these policies may not be considering the psychological impact a quarantine could have on employees.

Blog March 19, 2020

Change is hard. We know this because we often spend a lot of time talking about change, but find it challenging to put it into action within organizations. We may even have whole systems set up to drive change while other systems may impede it. We often struggle to make significant change within organizations as we are continually balancing a range of stakeholder needs.