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About Conference Board Events  

At the Conference Board, we believe that the open and honest exchange of opinion can lead to real change—in national priorities, public policies, business strategies, and in the way we live our lives. By sharing insights on economic trends, public policy issues, and organizational performance, we can help you to succeed.

Our formats provide a forum for collaboration with respected leaders and the opportunity to engage in networking discussions with peers. Your participation in Conference Board events will help you to build partnerships and relationships with key decision makers at these unparalleled learning experiences.

From a half-day briefing to a  multi-day conference with workshops, to executive retreats, we tailor the event around the topic, and the audience.

Access to Conference Board Research

The Conference Board of Canada learning experiences showcase our own research and that of other experts—keeping you up-to-date on the latest research findings. You can gain access to leading Conference Board research on economic trends, public policy issues and organizational performance by attending Conference Board events.

Contribute to the National Dialogue on Key Issues

Many of our premier events provide the opportunity for delegates to contribute to the national dialogue on leadership, public policy and other critical business issues in an open, frank environment. These events gather many of Canada's leaders from business, government and other sectors to explore the pressing issues of the day.

High-level Networking

All of our events include ample time for making new contacts, meeting with the experts and engaging in thoughtful discussions—the networking opportunities are heralded by participants as a "tremendous value add" to the excellent content and high-level presentations.

Timely and Convenient

Our events are held throughout the year and across the country, allowing you the flexibility to attend conferences in the location of your choice, at the time you need it. We offer variety within our programs—a choice of concurrent sessions led by seasoned practitioners, keynote presentations by recognized experts and optional workshops that delve deeper into the issues raised during the conference.

  • Proven benefits of our vibrant learning experiences
  • Hear from practitioners and experts addressing key business issues
  • Come away with innovative ideas that will help your company succeed
  • Gain insights from Conference Board research and learn how to apply best practices in your organization
  • Increase your leadership capacity
  • Expand your business contacts, network with peers and develop business relationships
  • Test new approaches and hear about best practices
  • Participate, be heard and learn from the experts
  • Focus on actual business experiences
  • Explore winning tactics and strategies

Register Now

To register for an upcoming conference, simply contact us at 1-800-267-0666 or send us an e-mail.


“Very good conference. Well worth every minute and dollar spent.”

“Excellent conference. It was very interesting to see how the various sectors are dealing with the same issues.”

“Speakers have all been very knowledgeable and presented their materials in clear language that was easy to follow.”