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Cyber Security 2019: Exercising the Fitness of your Cyber Resilience Strategy

Monday May 27 2019 The Globe and Mail Centre Toronto, Ontario

Conference Overview

Cyber incidents, intrusions, and attacks threaten organizations on a daily basis. The idea that organizations will fall victim to some form of cyber-attack has moved from a possibility to a virtual inevitability. Building a strong cyber security posture is not enough – organizations need to build cyber resilience.

Recent research by the Conference Board highlights two important distinctions separate cyber resilience from cyber security: business continuity and organizational responsibility. Unlike cyber security, which is usually very focused on protection, cyber resilience recognizes the inevitability of a successful cyber-attack and the need to ensure that the business can maintain critical functions and quickly return to normal.

Resilient systems need to be tested and exercised – a fundamental requirement that is often missed or not implemented well.

While last year’s conference focused on the fundamentals of building cyber resilience, this year’s event will continue on that path with a focus on how you can – and should – be testing your cyber resilience strategy regularly through incident simulation. Though a series of presentations and case studies, you will learn about best and next practices around exercises that are run fully transparent with full awareness among employees to ensure that everyone knows their roles and responsibilities, to semi-covert red team exercises that truly test your organization’s stress response and resilience.

By attending this event, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from Conference Board research on building an effective organizational cyber resilience strategy.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of stress-testing your cyber security and resilience plans.
  • Explore how to use exercises and simulation as a training tool for cyber security including best and next practices.
  • Learn from practical case studies on how to structure ideal exercises/simulations for building cyber resilience in your organization.
  • Discuss how to build an effective cross-functional team that includes risk, privacy and other key stakeholders within your organization.

Meet and learn from established cyber resilience experts

Find out from experts and peers how they are preparing their organizations for attacks. Learn about the latest strategies and management practices you can use to limit the impact of cyber disruptions, maintain critical functions, and rapidly re-establish normal operations following a cyber incident.


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