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Executive Networks

The executive networks within Organizational Performance are uniquely positioned to bring together leaders across industries, sectors and functional areas in valuable closed-door discussions. These conversations with peers across the country gives members the unique opportunity to share insights, discuss trends and challenges in their roles making these networks some of the largest members based advisory boards in Canada.

We offer executive networks in:

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Institute

We bring together a diverse group of business leaders to explore the challenges faced by Canadian corporate responsibility and sustainability leaders. Organizations need current information on the most effective tools, resources and thought leadership in the corporate responsibility and sustainability space. This is where The Conference Board of Canada can help.

Corporate Community Investment Council

This network brings together leaders who have responsibility for community investment programs within their organizations from across Canada. By providing a forum for learning, networking and professional development members are able to identify leading-edge, solution-based strategies that position community investment as an integral part of their business strategy.

Diversity and Inclusion

Council on Inclusive Work Environments

A diverse and inclusive work environment is quite simply more productive and innovative. The Council on Inclusive Work Environments (CIWE) provides a forum for diversity professionals to learn about leading-edge practices in diversity, and to share their knowledge and experience with peers. The Council offers a unique opportunity to learn and to bring practical ideas back to your organization.

Governance, Compliance and Risk

Corporate Ethics Management Council

Best suited for senior ethics and compliance executives responsible for ethics and compliance in organizations across Canada. As our members face the ongoing challenge of keeping ethics and compliance issues up-to-date and top of mind for employees and company leaders this council offers a forum for peer networking and learning so they can skip the sales pitch and truly understand how companies are building a culture of integrity. We understand that more than policies must be in place.

Strategic Risk Council

This council is designed to help organizations develop, implement and sustain an enterprise-wide risk management process (ERM) that is appropriate to their organization’s unique set of goals, strengths, weaknesses and structures. It provides strategic and operational insights into improving operational efficiency and sustainable improvement of stakeholder returns. Membership is best suited for the executive with direct or oversight responsibility for ERM.

Organization Excellence, Learning and Leadership

Public Sector Leadership Council

This council brings together public sector leaders to help them learn about innovative solutions to current and future problems and do their jobs more effectively. Membership is best suited for public sector executives at the director general, executive director, senior director or equivalent level. Members are from across Canada in a variety of sectors at the federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal government levels.

Total Rewards and Labour Relations

Compensation Research Centre

Established in 1976, the Compensation Research Centre (CRC) is one of the Conference Board’s most mature networks—providing insights to help your organization develop and execute its compensation strategy and practices. The Centre provides access to knowledge and networking opportunities that are a must for Canada’s compensation professionals.

Council of Industrial Relations Executives

The Council of Industrial Relations Executives (IRC) provides insights to assist senior industrial relations executives in leading the labour relations function in your organization. Whether your interest is in collective bargaining, managing union–employer relations, or discussing the impact of trends on labour relations in Canada, this council is your gateway to knowledge and networking with other industrial relations leaders.

Strategic Human Resources Management

Council of Human Resources Executives

The Council of Human Resources Executives is one of the longest standing and most successful networking and learning groups at the Conference Board. For over 30 years, senior HR leaders have come together to explore the trends and issues they deem critical to future success. They learn from each other, from Conference Board professionals, and from external experts.

Public Sector HR Executives Council

This network is for senior HR executives who lead a government department, agency, or other public service organization such as a hospital or a police force. It is a community of Executive HR leaders is evolving the people-related practices in many of Canada's top Public Sector organizations.

Workplace Health, Safety and Wellness

Council on Workplace Health and Wellness

The organizational benefits of a healthy workplace are many—including reduced health-care costs, improved productivity, and increased employee attraction and retention. The Council on Workplace Health and Wellness (CWHW) provides an exclusive network experience for health and wellness leaders to share and discuss the most effective tools and resources to realize these benefits with peers in organizations across Canada.

Health and Safety Leadership Centre

This Centre is designed to support the continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces. The Health and Safety Leadership Centre (HSLC) allows business leaders, governments, and academics to exchange best practices within a learning community and demonstrate their commitment to enhancing employees’ physical, social, and mental well-being.


“The IR Council represents the ‘who’s who’ in the IR discipline. Building relationships with colleagues of this breadth and depth can only serve to enhance all aspects of my work.”

—Alan Bower, Director, Labour Relations, Toronto Star Newspapers Inc.

“The structure of the quarterly meetings, the select injection of external subject-matter experts as speakers, the tremendous networking opportunities, the ability to debate a ‘hot’ HR subject with senior HR Professionals and, finally, the accessibility and responsiveness of Conference Board staff all make for an outstanding experience.”

—Gary Burkett, Managing Director, Human Resources, Federal Express Canada Ltd.

“These network meetings are by far the most valuable professional development days I spend in my year; I always look forward to them and am never disappointed.”

—Lisa Watkins, Cheif Human Resources Officer, Ontario Securities Commission

“There are three things [about the CRC] that strike me: the high caliber of companies and individuals who choose to participate; the open sharing and discussion of topical issues and practical solutions to real problems with acknowledged experts; and the professional network that can be developed to offer year-round support outside of formal meetings.”

—Brad Smith, General Manager, Total Compensation, Canada Post Corporation

“For many years now my membership with the Council has provided the City with access to a wealth of timely, credible health and wellness related services. Membership with the Council provides me with the tools I need to address organizational health and wellness.”

—Cindy Munn, Business Partner, Welness, Human Resources, The City of Calgary

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