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The Conference Board of Canada helps leaders build a prosperous, healthy future for Indigenous and Northern communities, governments, and businesses. As a leader in research and stakeholder engagement, our work addresses critical knowledge gaps around northern and remote development, reconciliation, and future skills that challenge decision- and policy-making.

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Building for the North 3D Printing Construction

The potential benefits of 3D-printed buildings in the Canadian North must be considered. These benefits include decreases in costs, a reduction of housing....


Indigenous Recruitment and Retention

This report identifies employment challenges and best practices in Canada’s North.

Report—133 pages

Canada’s Indigenous Tourism Sector

At least 1,875 Indigenous businesses participate in Canada’s Indigenous tourism sector…

Report—52 pages

Crown-Indigenous Resource Revenue Sharing

Today, private agreements to share benefits and encourage Indigenous community participation have…

Report—64 pages

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Matrimonial Real Property Rights

Recent federal matrimonial real property rights legislation includes provisions for victims of…

Report—83 pages

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Pathways into STEM for Indigenous Learners

Indigenous people make up 4 per cent of Canadian adults. But less than 2 per cent of people working in STEM occupations. The value of improving Indigenous participation and leadership in major economic sectors, such as STEM, goes beyond enabling satisfying individual careers to impacting community economic self-determination and contributing to national reconciliation.

Webinar- April 16, 2020
Beyond the business case—What it will take to get economic infrastructure investment in the North

There is almost universal consensus on what is required to support a more sustainable northern economy—infrastructure. There is considerable disagreement, however, about how to get government and industry to invest in the necessary economic infrastructure and how best to finance and sustain that infrastructure.

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