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Active Initiatives

At The Conference Board of Canada, we understand the power of insight – how making the most-informed decisions today will help us not just plan for a better future, but create it.

How Canada Performs

The Conference Board of Canada’s flagship data and analysis on Canada’s national, provincial and territorial performance relative to that of 15 peer countries in six performance categories: Economy, Innovation, Environment, Education and Skills, Health, and Society.

Accessed over 300,000 times per year, these performance indicators help policy-makers, organization leaders, and all Canadians answer the following questions: How do the quality-of-life report cards for Canada and its provinces and territories compare to those of peer countries? Is Canada’s quality of life sustainable? Has there been an improvement? What must Canada and the provinces and territories do to provide a high and sustainable quality of life for all Canadians?

Open Reports

The Conference Board of Canada offers several unique ways to deliver to, and share insights with, its members and customers. Every year, we host hundreds of conferences, meetings, and webinars and produce hundreds of research documents.

The Conference Board of Canada provides a variety of open and available analyses of key economic, organizational performance, and public policy issues related to the professional development of Canadians and their organizations.

The Future Fund

The Future Fund permits The Conference Board of Canada to undertake exploratory research and activities in support of Canada. Developed to help further The Conference Board of Canada’s charitable mission this fund provides a way for supporters and staff to work together and meet the needs of our society through impactful and worthwhile research.


To learn more about how you can help us to build a better Canada, please contact:

Paul Forgues
Director of Development
613-526-3090 ext. 354