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Giving to The Conference Board of Canada

What happens when you give to The Conference Board of Canada? Your donation goes directly to funding research into issues that are of critical importance to Canadians—momentous issues such as Canada’s productivity gap, the future of health care amid an aging population, developing our resources while protecting our environment, and navigating our economy through global uncertainty.

Our research is objective, far-reaching, and cutting-edge. We believe in Canada—its people and its future. We are 100 per cent Canadian, and we address our country’s issues and challenges using Canadian data and perspectives. When you give to The Conference Board of Canada, you become a partner in our ongoing campaign to build a stronger, more prosperous, healthier, and dynamic Canada.

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To learn more about how you can help us to build a better Canada, please contact:

Paul Forgues
Director of Development
613-526-3090 ext. 354