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Automated Vehicles 2018: Planning for Urban and Rural Transitions

Wednesday June 6 - Thursday June 7 2018 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton, Alberta

Conference Overview

The era of driverless vehicles is just around the corner, and the transition period has already begun. What tools are available to help us navigate a driverless future? And how can we leverage them to support our planning efforts across Canada?

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Keynote Speaker


The Hon. Brian Mason
Minister of Transportation
Government of Alberta

NEW for AVs 2018: ACTIVE-AURORA Connected Vehicle Demonstration

Join us on the afternoon of 7 June to participate in a live demonstration of a connected vehicle. As part of your conference registration, you will be able to experience a connected vehicle in action. Small group of attendees (up to 20 at a time) will depart from and be returned to The Shaw Centre in the vehicle. ACTIVE-AURORA Project staff will be on hand to describe the technology and answer your questions. Please allow one hour for the tour.

June 7th available times: 12:30pm - 1:30pm & 1:30pm - 2:30pm

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In the year since our last conference, a number of transition tools on AVs and new mobility have emerged as resources to help us navigate a driverless future. They are already proving to be vital resources for anyone entrusted with the AV file—irrespective of sector or level of government.

Most of these resources have been developed outside of Canada, focus on the urban experience, and emphasize the technology as it relates to the movement of people. This raises important questions around how they can be adapted for the Canadian context, be expanded to consider further environments and sectors—including our rural and Northern communities and for the movement of goods—relate to other elements of our planning system and regulatory environment, and help us address key challenges, such as workforce transitions.

It is for these reasons that The Conference Board of Canada is holding our 3rd annual Automated Vehicles 2018 on June 6 and 7 in Edmonton. Building on the success of the last two years, which laid the foundation for key issues, opportunities, and challenges, this year’s event will take the conversation to the next level; exploring the suite of transition tools now available to support us as we navigate a driverless future.

The AVs conference is on the move! Join us in Edmonton as we engage in a national conversation.

The original idea behind the AVs conference was that we would initiate a national conversation about the technology and how we can leverage it to create the communities that we want to live and work in. The best way to make that conversation truly national is to take it on the road. We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Canadian Institute for Transportation Engineers (CITE), which has enabled us to host this year’s conference in the City of Edmonton.

Most debates about a driverless future have centered on the urban experience. This year, we integrate the rural perspective into the conversation and explore the relationships between our urban and rural communities.

An important lesson learned at our previous two conferences was that city size has a role to play in the experience with AVs. Yet the conversation has still largely focused on the experience of urban municipalities, leaving a gap in our knowledge base and preparedness efforts. While we continue to explore how we leverage the technology to create the communities that we want to live and work in, this year we include our rural municipalities in the conversation.

Gain practical insights from national and international experts and leaders

At this event, you will hear experts from across Canada and abroad share their insights on how these tools can help us proactively manage the transition to a transportation sector that includes AVs. By exploring these transition tools in greater detail, you will have an opportunity to connect with other professionals committed to a human-centred vision for a driverless future.

This 3rd annual transportation conference will bring together industry experts, government leaders and strategic thinkers with expertise on AVs as they relate to urban and rural planning, policy and practice. The event will offer a variety of insights, and consider implications for industry, all levels of government and the Canadian public at large.

This conference will ask and address some of the most pressing issues around AVs, including:

  • What are the transition tools available to us now? How can they help us leverage the technology to create the communities that we want?
  • What do these tools mean for our rural and northern communities? How transferable are they to these other contexts?
  • What policy actions are needed at all levels of government? What is the role of harmonization of our approach to AVs?
  • What is the role of partnerships between government and industry?
  • What is our workforce transition management plan? And how do we create plans that engage with the unique qualities of subsectors within transportation?
  • What are the implications for goods movement strategies and plans?
  • What is the relationship between these emerging tools and other elements of our planning and regulatory systems? How can these new tools support our planning efforts in Canada?

Join us June 6 & 7 to discuss how these transition tools can help us navigate a driverless future.

Building on success.

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