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Integrated Models of Care in the Age of COVID

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Latest Research

Surge in Growth Linked to Vaccines and Ongoing Government Stimulus: US Outlook

The U.S. economy is set to expand this year on the heels of a 3.5 per cent decline in 2020. Next year, a solid gain is anticipated. One of the main factors driving the rebound is the massive $1.9-trillion stimulus package recently implemented by the Biden administration. The stimulus provides funds for individual families, state and local governments, health care, and the delivery of vaccinations, among other things.

Online experience  |  2-min read
April 19, 2021
Focus Area—Canadian Economics

It’s time to move from good intentions to meaningful impact?

While some incremental progress has been made, there is no compelling evidence that voluntary “comply or explain” disclosure requirements have accelerated the entry of women into the boardrooms of companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Op-ed  |  4-min read
April 14, 2021
Focus Areas—Inclusion

Do Indigenous Entrepreneurs Have the Support They Need to Succeed?

While there are compelling reasons for pursuing entrepreneurship, Indigenous entrepreneurs in Northern or remote areas also face a host of barriers and challenges. Services are available, but do they provide the support that is needed?

Impact Paper  |  40-min read
April 15, 2021
Focus Area—Indigenous & Northern Communities

All on Board: Does Disclosure Help Create More Inclusive Boardrooms?

Canadian governments, corporate stakeholders, and advocacy organizations sought to use disclosure to accelerate women’s representation. Disclosure is a regulatory approach that requires companies to: (1) disclose the number of women on their boards and (2) disclose the efforts they have made (or not) to increase that representation.

Impact paper  |  30-min read
April 14, 2021
Focus Areas—Inclusion, Canadian Economics