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Featured Research

Image of report coverFlood Recovery in High River: Themes and Directions

(Report, 57 pages, October 2015)
This review identifies themes and directions for consideration and further study as well as individual lessons and ideas from High River’s experience resulting from the 2013 Southern Alberta floods.

Image of report coverThe Road to Recovery: The City of Calgary and the 2013 Flood

(Report, 92 pages, July 2015)
This report provides The City of Calgary with an independent assessment of its Recovery Operations Centre and how it managed the overall municipal recovery efforts after the 2013 flood.

Image of report coverThe Response That Was #BostonStrong: Insights From the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

(Briefing, 48 pages, June 2015)
This briefing examines the results of the Conference Board’s Centre for National Security study tour to Boston to learn from those who responded to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Recent Publications

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Insights on Emergency Response to Terrorism Events

Is Canada prepared for future terrorism events? This briefing explores trends that will test preparedness strategies going forward and provides recommendations for improving emergency responses to terrorism events.

Briefing | 22 pages | August 2017 | Darren Gresch, Satyamoorthy Kabilan | The Conference Board of Canada

Le point sur les interventions d’urgence en cas d’attentats terroristes

Le Canada est-il prêt pour faire face à de nouveaux attentats terroristes? Cette note de recherche explore les tendances relatives à la mise à l’essai de futures stratégies de planification des mesures d’urgence et propose des recommandations pour améliorer l’efficacité des interventions d’urgence dans l’éventualité de nouveaux attentats terroristes.

Note de recherche | 24 pages | August 2017 | Darren Gresch, Satyamoorthy Kabilan | Le Conference Board du Canada

Communicating Cyber Security to the Board of Directors

Cyber security is a pressing issue that demands increased attention from executives. The issues highlighted in this briefing around communicating cyber security to the board can help organizations deal with evolving cyber security risks.

Briefing | 25 pages | July 2017 | Ruben Vroegop | The Conference Board of Canada

Communiquer sur la cybersécurité avec un conseil d’administration

La cybersécurité est un problème urgent qui requiert une attention accrue des dirigeants. Une bonne communication à cet égard avec le conseil d’administration peut aider les organisations à gérer des risques en évolution constante.

Résumé | 27 pages | July 2017 | Ruben Vroegop | Le Conference Board du Canada

Beyond Technology: Risk, Regulation, and Building Trust in the Digital Age

Greater connectivity brings greater opportunity but also greater risk. Potential vulnerabilities have moved up the risk agenda of companies across the globe, including in Europe.

Briefing | 10 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The State of Information and Intelligence Sharing in Canada

The briefing explores the public-private sector information- and intelligence-sharing relationship, identifies sharing obstacles and challenges, and makes recommendations to improve information and intelligence sharing in Canada.

Briefing | 31 pages | January 2017 | Ruben Vroegop | The Conference Board of Canada

L’échange d’informations et de renseignements au Canada

Dans cette note de recherche, on examine l’échange d’informations et de renseignements entre les secteurs public et privé, recense les facteurs qui y font obstacle ou le compliquent, et formule des recommandations visant à améliorer l’échange d’informations et de renseignements au Canada.

Résumé | 33 pages | January 2017 | Ruben Vroegop | Le Conference Board du Canada

Taking Cyber Security to the Board: Promising Practices for Improving Board Engagement and Performance in Cyber Security

Cyber security is a systemic risk to any business, but many board members lack the literacy in cyber security that they need to oversee this risk. This report provides a three-stage developmental approach to improving board competence in this area.

Briefing | 30 pages | December 2016 | Micah Clark | The Conference Board of Canada

Conseils d’administration et cybersécurité : Pratiques prometteuses pour améliorer leur engagement et leurs résultats en la matière

La cybersécurité représente pour toute entreprise un risque systémique, mais beaucoup de membres de conseil n’ont pas les connaissances voulues pour le surveiller. Ce rapport propose une approche structurée en trois étapes pour améliorer les compétences des conseils dans ce domaine.

Résumé | 33 pages | December 2016 | Micah Clark | Le Conference Board du Canada

Exploring Canada’s Top Privacy Challenges: Summary Report of the Canadian Privacy Summit 2016

This report provides information and insights on stakeholder positions concerning the legislative environment for privacy and data, and other emerging privacy issues, as expressed at the Canadian Privacy Summit 2016.

Report | 75 pages | August 2016 | Alison Howard, Mark Robbins | The Conference Board of Canada

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