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Human Resource Management

The Conference Board of Canada provides you with strategic information on current human resource management challenges as well as a Canadian perspective on trends in human resource management.

Topics covered:

  • compensation planning
  • reward strategies
  • benefit programs
  • health and wellness
  • industrial relations
  • employee engagement
  • work–life issues
  • performance management

HR Workshops

HR Blog

Is Sitting Killing You? Break Up Your Day!

September 05, 2014

Standing Up to the Health Risks of Sitting Down

January 29, 2014

The Rewards of Union Membership

January 20, 2014

Executive Networks

  • Council for Learning and Leadership Development
  • Compensation Research Centre
  • Council on Diversity and Talent Management—West
  • Council of Industrial Relations Executives
  • Council on Workplace Health and Wellness
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—National
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—East
  • Councils for Senior Human Resource Executives—West
  • Council on Inclusive Work Environments
  • Strategic Human Resources Management Council


HR West 2014: The Next Generation of HR ( Sep 30-October 2, Vancouver)
HR 2014: The Next Generation of HR ( Oct 6-7, Toronto)
Public Sector Social Media 2014 ( Oct 20-21, Ottawa)

Human Resource Management Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Human Resource Management service.

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Terms of Engagement: New Ways of Leading and Changing Organizations

The Conference Board of Canada is pleased to present an interactive webinar with Richard Axelrod that explores how to keep your organization ahead of the change curve. For 35 years, Richard Axelrod pioneered and championed the use of employee engagement to effect large-scale organizational change. He believes that times are different now. In his latest book, Terms of Engagement: New Ways of Leading and Changing Organizations, Axelrod says that to thrive in these times of economic downturn, all energies must be applied to recognizing how to get the absolute maximum quality and productivity out of the people you have.

Recorded Webinar | March 2011 | The Conference Board of Canada

Time to Step Up: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Talent Management

This report looks at the opportunities and challenges facing the future of talent management and addresses four basic concerns that go the heart of the talent management function’s future

Report | 4 pages | March 2011 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Public Sector Human Resources: HR Excellence in a Changing World

Demographics and social change have driven the evolution of the public sector workplace for years. Talent management, succession, engagement, and performance issues have all played out against a backdrop of retiring boomers that has necessitated new recruitment and leadership development approaches. In these Conference e-Proceedings, you will learn from other public sector human resources (HR) leaders as they discuss employee engagement strategies, leadership and coaching techniques, communications and the impact of social media, and demographics and performance management. You will take away new ideas and action plans that will work in your day-to-day environment.

Conference e-Proceedings | March 2011 | The Conference Board of Canada

Creating a Sustainable Rewards and Talent Management Model

This recorded webinar explores the impact the business climate has had on the supply and demand of talent and companies’ abilities to attract and hire talented employees. Join Ofelia Isabel, Canadian Leader of Towers Watson’s Rewards, Talent and Communications business, to learn how best performers design and execute their reward and talent management programs in the new economy.

Recorded Webinar | February 2011 | The Conference Board of Canada

Human Capital Metrics

This Conference KeyNotes Webcast contains video clips of senior executives discussing human capital analytics as a tool that can be leveraged to better manage risk and quantify workforce decisions with ROI.

Recorded Webinar | February 2011 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusiveness Forum: Translating Diversity into Business Advantage

Diversity is a critical strategic and performance issue for public and private sector leaders. In this Conference e-Proceedings experts from across Canada will help you understand how to fully capitalize on diversity, improve your existing initiative, and ensure diversity drives growth and innovation within your organization. You’ll hear case studies from leading organizations such as Xerox, St. Michael’s Hospital, and RBC on topics including immigration, innovation, and success in Canada. You will also hear expert discussion on topics such as building success with a “generationally diverse” workforce, faith at work and how to tackle tough diversity issues, literacy and productivity, capitalizing on supply chain diversity, and the advancement of women in the workplace.

Conference e-Proceedings | January 2011 | The Conference Board of Canada

Industrial Relations Outlook 2011: From Conflict to Cooperation?

With wage settlements expected to be more modest in 2011 than the increases negotiated in 2010, labour and management have placed an increased emphasis on cooperation.

Report | 40 pages | December 2010 | Lisa Hughes, David K. Shepherdson | The Conference Board of Canada

Developing a Whole Health Culture

This 60-minute webinar is led by Keri Alletson, a Consultant and member of the Canadian research team at Towers Watson. The webinar explores the common challenges in moving the wellness agenda forward and the big ideas in health, work and wellness.

Recorded Webinar | November 2010 | The Conference Board of Canada

A Strategic Approach to Growing Talent for Succession

This report describes the fundamentals of a successful GTFS (growing talent for succession) culture, and the basic questions companies must ask as they initiate a GTFS plan.

Executive Action Report | 8 pages | November 2010 | Barbara Galli | The Conference Board, Inc.

HR Summit 2010: Trust, Engagement, and the Bottom Line

This Conference e-Proceedings will help your organization improve employee engagement and build a corporate culture founded on trust and high performance. Learn how to demonstrate the business case for trust and engagement, use social media to build trust within your organization, create passion and maximize commitment and loyalty, and harness engagement in the face of a tumultuous business environment. This e-Proceedings features clinics, case studies, and panel discussions of today’s greatest employee motivation and optimization issues from the perspective of leading organizations including The Home Depot, Inc., Walmart Canada Corp., TD Bank Financial Group, Bell Canada, General Motors Corporation, and many others.

Conference e-Proceedings | October 2010 | The Conference Board of Canada

Go Where There Be Dragons

This report draws from the wisdom of 100+ executives on seven of The Conference Board Councils in Europe, the United States and Asia to define the global forces that are redefining the structure of leadership.

Report | 24 pages | October 2010 | David Learmond, Charles Mitchell | The Conference Board, Inc.

Managing the Risks of Workplace Violence and Harassment

The human and financial costs of workplace violence and harassment are significant. This briefing identifies six key actions that organizations should take to reduce their risk of workplace violence and harassment.

Briefing | 15 pages | October 2010 | Lisa Hughes, Bjorn Rutten | The Conference Board of Canada

Growing Talent for Succession

This report is a playbook that explains how every business can lay the foundation for a growing talent (GT) plan.

Report | 40 pages | October 2010 | Barbara Galli | The Conference Board, Inc.

Addressing Chronic Diseases: What's Business Got to Do With It?

Addressing Chronic Diseases: What’s Business Got to Do With It? probes the impacts that chronic diseases are having on organizations, and highlights the actions of some employers. Two Canadian case studies provide excellent examples of these actions.

Briefing | 16 pages | September 2010 | Carole Stonebridge, Meghan Sullivan | The Conference Board of Canada

Treating Contingent Workers as a Strategic Resource

Brief reports, produced weekly by the Conference Board, Inc., that address the most pressing business issues of the day.

Executive Action Report | 7 pages | September 2010 | Howard Muson | The Conference Board, Inc.

Alacrity: Leveraging Employee Engagement for Results in this Decade

Why employee engagement? And why now? Work has changed. Command and control are archaic while motivation is too anemic. We are dwelling in the age of engage. Employee engagement is the most robust and beneficial approach to get economic and strategic results. It transcends being an HR buzzword to encompass the way we lead, manage, and work to create powerful connections between all parts of the organization in the service or results. There is no way to employee engagement, engagement is the way

Recorded Webinar | September 2010 | The Conference Board of Canada

Fitting the Work to the Worker: Recruiting, Engaging, and Retaining Employees with Disabilities

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. What are the barriers to and benefits of hiring and retaining people with disabilities?

Executive Action Report | 14 pages | August 2010 | Megan Manni, Susan Stewart | The Conference Board, Inc.

Beyond Benefit Webinar: Absence and Disability Management

Beyond Benefit Webinar: Absence and Disability Management, is a 60-minute webinar that will discuss the casual absence/sick leave provisions and practices, as well as short- and long-term disability program coverage in Canadian workplaces.

Recorded Webinar | August 2010 | Lisa Hughes, Karla Thorpe | The Conference Board of Canada

Is Age Really Just a Number? Investing Approaches to Employee Engagement

Regardless of whether there are too few people or too few jobs, one thing doesn’t change: the need to recruit and retain talent that distinguishes an organization.

Report | 15 pages | July 2010 | Stephanie J. Creary | The Conference Board, Inc.

Conference KeyNotes: The Employee Healthcare Workshop

This Conference KeyNotes Webcast provided highlights of The 2010 Employee Healthcare Pre-Conference Workshop, held in February and March, 2010.

Recorded Webinar | June 2010 | The Conference Board, Inc.

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Compensation and Benefits Research

This research is available to subscribers of the Compensation and Benefits service.

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Compensation Planning

Map showing the Average Salary Increases 2013 by Region in Canada

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership Infographic

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