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The Conference Board of Canada publishes two periodicals related to governance and risk. These periodicals feature leading Canadian and global thinkers and practitioners who share their perspectives on where the practice of governance and risk management are heading and what the key issues are likely to be in the coming years. They offer a combination of theoretical analysis and practical applications that are intended to help readers clarify their thinking about organizational issues and reach decisions to address their challenges.

The Conference Board of Canada is seeking to advance the practice of GCR in Canada. If you are interested in being featured as an author in our upcoming periodicals, please contact Michael Bassett.

Image of the Stewardship Review CoverStewardship Review: Insights for the Boardroom

The Stewardship Review is a new Conference Board publication that examines key issues in governance and features insightful articles from leading thinkers and experienced directors from across Canada.

Spring 2016

In this issue:

  • Not-for-Profit Board Work (authored by Leila Fenc)
  • Not-for-Profit Boards: Challenges Ahead in the Governance Zone (authored by Lyn McDonell)

Image of the Risk Watch CoverRisk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk and Governance

Risk Watch is a triannual journal devoted to informing and provoking discussion on risk management and corporate governance.

Autumn 2016

In this issue:

  • Principal of Southern Harbour, Alexander H. Hay’s analysis of the forces affecting enterprise risk focus on two major trends: sociology and market expectations. He connects this to the centrality of infrastructure in business operations and the associated risk implications. 
  • Frank D’Andrea, Vice-President and Chief Risk Officer at Hydro One, provides some important lessons learned in how ERM can avoid the need for post-mortems by enabling risk practitioners to proactively address risk and avoid major failures. 
  • Brian Philbin, Laura Brown, and Lori McKay, senior Canada Revenue Agency executives, addresses the challenges of taking a comprehensive approach to risk evaluation to avoid over-focus on the “risks du jour” and share the risk tolerance model that they developed for CRA
  • Patrick Hart sets out the key steps in the development and implementation of Payments Canada’s ERM program. Patrick’s 28-year career at the organization has culminated in the effort taken to create the current ERM program at Payments Canada during a 12-year ERM journey.

Stewardship Review

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Risk Watch

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