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International education business Partnership Network (IPN)

The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) and the International education business Partnership Network (IPN) have a long-standing relationship that focuses on research and events involving partnerships between business, education and community organizations.

The IPN is a global network of education, business, and community organizations working in partnership to achieve valuable economic and social outcomes. The IPN offers services enabling partnership development and provides opportunities for collaborative learning and global networking. The IPN has spent the last 20 years encouraging and facilitating partnerships both at a local level and internationally. Whilst the aims and objectives of these partnerships can vary widely, the common theme is to improve and enhance the learning using the power of partnership.

The Conference Board of Canada is the national affiliate organization representing Canada’s interests in the IPN.

Key Activities

Research and Product Development

The Conference Board collaborates with the IPN to conduct research and publish reports on the principles and development of business-education partnerships.

International Conferences

The Conference Board collaborates with the IPN to deliver international conferences which bring together partnership professionals from around the world. Past conferences were in Durban, South Africa in 2012 and Brussels, Belgium in 2014. The next conference will be held in Oslo, Norway on September 14–16, 2016.

Global Best Awards

The Conference Board offers the Global Best Awards celebrating effective business-education partnerships. Winners are selected based on themed categories, such as entrepreneurship. Submissions are accepted from each of the following regions: Africa, the Americas, Europe, Pacific Ocean and Australia. The next set of awards will take place in Oslo, 2016.

Global Business-Education-Community Partnerships Survey

The Conference Board of Canada, in collaboration with The International education business Partnership Network (The IPN), undertook an international research initiative to shed light on the issues, trends, innovations and obstacles that business-education-community partnerships face—both today and in the future.

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International education business Partnership Network

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