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Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

As consumers and employees alike are becoming more and more requiring and savvy about where they work or spend their money, the notion of all-encompassing sustainability is becoming the norm rather than an aspiration for business in Canada and worldwide. While many businesses are fulfilling parts of the model, few are truly embedding sustainability in the business model and responding to the needs and expectations of all stakeholder groups.

The Conference Board of Canada conducts a wide-range of services and research in support of organizations across Canada in the corporate responsibility and sustainability space. Our approach focuses on bringing together a diverse group of business leaders to explore the challenges faced by Canadian corporate responsibility and sustainability leaders. Our events and meetings explore practical solutions through research, learning, and dialogue.

For many companies, community investment (CI) has grown to become one of the most important parts of the corporate landscape, as organizations seek new and innovative ways to direct their investments and measure results. The corporate goal is to develop, implement, and integrate new CI programs that are cost-effective and aligned with business strategies.

The Conference Board of Canada fosters thought leadership in the corporate responsibility and sustainability space through:

Featured Report

Canadian Corporate Community Investment: Emerging Trends and Impact Measurement

(Report, August 2015)
This report provides a detailed analysis of the Canadian Corporate Community Investment Survey 2014 results, which focus on emerging trends in community investment (CI) and the measurement of CI impacts.

Upcoming Events

Network Meetings


October 2 - 3, 2017 in Toronto, ON

If you are interested in attending this event please contact Sally Crane <>

Latest Research

Public Affairs Reputation Management: Benchmarking Report (PDF)
Developing Partnership Capacity: The Rewards of Effective Business-Aboriginal Partnerships (PDF)

Insights Briefings

Image of briefing cover BRIEFING 1
Integrating Corporate Responsibility into your Corporate Culture (PDF)
Image of briefing cover BRIEFING 2
The Social Purpose Company (PDF)
Image of briefing cover BRIEFING 3
Climate Leadership for Business (PDF)
Image of briefing cover BRIEFING 4
Next-Generation Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Jobs (PDF)
Image of briefing cover BRIEFING 5
Setting a Long-Term Sustainability Vision (PDF)

Contact Us

For more information on how you can participate in our corporate responsibility and sustainability initiatives, or to request a guest invitation to a network meeting, please contact:

Wendy Mitchell
Director, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations