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Getting It Right: Evolving Place-Based Approaches to Sustainable Resource Development

This 60-minute recorded webinar explores emerging and evolving approaches to natural resource development planning that are being considered and tested in Canada. These include: assessing community readiness for resource development; regional or play-based engagement and regulatory processes; and multi-stakeholder partnerships and initiatives focused on specific development challenges.

Recorded Webinar | September 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Health Care Sustainability: More Than a Fiscal Matter

Join us for a 60-minute recorded webinar in which Louis Thériault, Executive Director, Economic Initiatives explores research findings from The Conference Board’s Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care. These findings include what we mean when we talk about “sustainability” of the health care system. Louis also discusses why tackling issues like funding models, innovation and the development of human capital can help sustain the health care system in the years ahead.

Recorded Webinar | August 2014 | Louis Theriault | The Conference Board of Canada

A Snapshot of Canada’s Immigrant Exporter Experience

This 60-minute recorded webinar explores The Conference Board’s analysis of the actual export experience, performance, strengths and weaknesses of a group of Canadian businesses owned by recent immigrants, compared with other Canadian businesses.

Recorded Webinar | August 2014 | Danielle Goldfarb | The Conference Board of Canada

Définir la viabilité en matière de santé et de soins de santé

Les coûts des soins de santé au Canada montent en flèche et des réformes en profondeur s’imposent si l’on veut préserver et améliorer la qualité de nos soins de santé. Ce rapport présente un cadre de viabilité contenant des principes directeurs et des facteurs clés jugés essentiels pour favoriser la viabilité en matière de soins de santé.

Report | 68 pages | July 2014 | Kelly Grimes, Gabriela Prada, Ioulia Sklokin | Le Conference Board du Canada

Canada’s Hidden Export Gems

Canada’s competitive advantage at exporting oil and wheat is well recognized; But what about the lesser-known products? Earlier this year The Conference Board of Canada released Competing Globally: Canada’s Hidden Success Stories, a 96-page report that identifies some globally competitive Canadian products that receive less attention. This 60-minute webinar dives deep into the report’s analysis, bringing the report to life. You’ll get the full story behind the numbers.

Recorded Webinar | July 2014 | Kristelle Audet | The Conference Board of Canada

Defining Health and Health Care Sustainability

Canadian health care costs are soaring and major reforms are needed to preserve and improve the quality of health care. This report develops a sustainability framework with guiding principles and key factors deemed essential to support sustainable health care.

Report | 57 pages | July 2014 | Gabriela Prada, Kelly Grimes, Ioulia Sklokin | The Conference Board of Canada

Selling Beyond the U.S.: Do Recent Immigrants Advance Canada’s Export Agenda?

By analyzing the export orientation of more than 15,000 Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Selling Beyond the U.S. explores the contribution of recent-immigrant business owners to Canadian exports, particularly to non-U.S. markets.

Briefing | 28 pages | June 2014 | Sui Sui, Horatio M. Morgan | The Conference Board of Canada

A Climate of Possibility: The Unsystematic System of Canadian Post-Secondary Education

In Canada today, with educational leadership fragmented by jurisdiction, our public sector education climate relative to many other countries is one of cooling possibility despite great potential. This 60-minute recorded webinar features John Corlett and Carl Amrhein explores different ways that several Canadian provinces have addressed issues such as funding, college and university credentials and learning expectations, government oversight, and quality assessment.

Recorded Webinar | June 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

The new role of public buyers in the management of innovation: the example of the HAPPI project

This 60-minute recorded webinar features Carole Gandon, Head of International Affairs at RESAH, one of the main hospital procurement organizations in France. In this session Carole discusses how the HAPPI project (Healthy Aging - Public Procurement of Innovation) has chosen to implement a “market-oriented” approach through the development of an online platform, in which suppliers are invited to outline their products and services.

Recorded Webinar | June 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Importing Talent to Export to the World: The Contributions of Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Canada

This recorded webinar explores the contributions immigrants make to the Canadian economy as entrepreneurs and as innovators. The webinar also examines the influence of immigrants on global trade, at the provincial and national level, and how immigrants are a key resource for tapping into new markets and increasing the import/export activities of Canadian businesses.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Michelle Parkouda | The Conference Board of Canada

Working Overseas: Opportunities and Challenges for the Mining Sector

This 90-minute session features Gary Svoboda, CEO, Adventus Research + Consulting Inc. and Alberto Quiroz, Board member of the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). During this session, Gary will discuss the market research project he conducted on behalf of the Centre for the Commercialization of Mining Technologies and Services . Gary has reviewed and provided a compilation of international market information and strategies for mining supply companies that are seeking to increase their international business and activities.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Gary Svoboda | The Conference Board of Canada

The Negotiable RFP: An Innovative new model for public procurement in Canada

Introduced in 2010, the Negotiable RFP has become the new paradigm in public procurement offering benefits for both the buyer and supplier communities. This recorded webinar presented by Eddy Gin presents the history, development, implementation and benefits of the Negotiable RFP (NRFP).

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Household Food Security and Food Literacy

Alison Howard, lead author of Enough for Fall: Household Food Security in Canada and What's to Eat? Improving Food Literacy in Canada examines household food security in Canada.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Alison Howard | The Conference Board of Canada

Fisheries and Aquaculture Webinar: From Fin to Fork

Dr. Jean-Charles Le Vallée, lead author of Strengthening Canada's Commercial Fishers and Aquaculture: From Fin to Fork, examines the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Canada, assesses the resource supply, and looks at various governance policies, practices, and legislation.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Jean-Charles Le Vallée | The Conference Board of Canada

Applying Behavioural Insights to Health Policy and Practice

More than half of healthy years lost are as a result of behavioural and lifestyle factors. These include well-known factors such as smoking, diet, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, but also less well-known factors such as social isolation and air-born pollution. However, only a tiny fraction of our health and R&D spend is focused on these factors (in the UK, less than 1% of health R&D). Join David Halpern for a 60-minute recorded webinar where he outlines the work the UK government’s “Behavioural Insights Team” has conducted to support people to make better choices for themselves.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

Successes and Challenges of Innovative Procurement at HSSBC

This 60-minute recorded webinar featuring Melinda Mui, Acting Vice-President of Supply Chain at HSSBC, will discuss HSSBC’s approach, successes and challenges with innovative procurement.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | The Conference Board of Canada

The Canadian Food Strategy Webinar: A Recipe for Change

The Conference Board of Canada recently released From Opportunity to Achievement: The Canadian Food Strategy. This 61-page report is a comprehensive, action-oriented framework developed by the Board's Centre for Food in Canada to guide and stimulate change in food and the food system in Canada. This recorded webinar with Michael Bloom, author of the Strategy and Vice-President of the Conference Board's Industry and Business Strategy Division, walks you through the report highlights.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Michael Bloom | The Conference Board of Canada

Reforming Dairy Supply Management

Supply management is one of Canada's most contentious public policies. The policy is regularly challenged on equity and efficiency grounds. Yet farmers are wedded to supply management and have organized their operations around its continuation. A new report by the Conference Board focuses on dairy. It shows how a new paradigm, based on growth, can help reform supply management. It suggests an equitable way to compensate farmers for their quota investments. It also demonstrates how new growth can lead to more industry output and employment. This recorded webinar explores the 117-page report by research director and lead author, Michael Grant.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Michael Grant | The Conference Board of Canada

Smoking and the Bottom Line: Saving Money Through Smoking Cessation

This recorded webinar discusses how smoking harms organizations and their bottom lines.

Recorded Webinar | May 2014 | Fares Bounajm | The Conference Board of Canada

Innovation Procurement for Medical Devices: Driving Health System Improvement

This report captures the essential conversation of the International Roundtable on Innovation Procurement, hosted in Toronto by The Conference Board of Canada in December 2013. Cette publication comprend un résumé en français.

Report | 67 pages | April 2014 | Gabriela Prada, David Verbeeten | The Conference Board of Canada

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