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Marketing Service Reports

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Socially Minded: Convincing the C-suite of Social Media's Benefits

Understand the range of benefits that social media can bring to companies across industries and why the C-suite should be on board.

Report | 46 pages | June 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Fix: Break the Addiction That’s Killing Brands

The advertising industry has changed and will never be the same. The way in which brands need to communicate with their audience has evolved, partly due to a more sophisticated consumer and partly because current marketing tools, techniques and strategies are yielding less than optimal results. While conventional wisdom has driven ad agencies to focus on digital marketing and web design, Chris Kneeland, CEO of one of North America’s leading marketing agencies Cult Collective, argues that these activities are becoming less relevant as time goes on. During this 60-minute session, Chris will provide an overview of what needs to happen for consumers to turn from transactional customers to engaged apostles. This webinar is part of a 3 part series called Nudge, Persuasion, and Influence: How Emergent Marketing Activities are Impacting How we Decide, What we Buy, and Who we Vote For. Contact us to register for all 3 webinars!

Recorded Webinar | April 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

CEO Challenge 2017: Meeting the Customer Relationships/Corporate Brand and Reputation Challenge

Meeting the customer relationships/corporate brand and reputation challenge in 2017 is crucial for companies competing in today’s customer-centric, value-centric markets, say CEOs in our annual survey.

Briefing | 24 pages | February 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Changing Role of Branding in the Era of Experience

It used to be “the medium is the message”, but in today’s high touch social environment “the experience is the message”, and the brand. Now, more than ever, customer experience is tied fundamentally to how a brand is perceived, and has a direct impact on it’s success. In this webinar Laurence Bernstein makes the argument that the experience is the brand, and by extension, the brand is the business. Understanding how strategic design and management of customers' experiences impact the business and determine the strength of the brand (and hence the business), is essential in a world where customers really do have the final say. Laurence Bernstein has been a proponent of experience based branding as the central function of effective consumer marketing since 2001. He was a pioneer in the idea that the secret to building great brands is converting features, attributes and benefits into meaningful customer experiences, and triggering these experiences at every relevant touchpoint.

Recorded Webinar | January 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing (CEO Business Implications)

CEOs have a crucial role to play in ensuring integrated corporate communications and marketing delivers on its potential to create value.

Key Business Issues | 8 pages | October 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing

We look at the trend toward integrating corporate communications and marketing and consider the various ways that these two functions working together can contribute value to corporations.

Key Business Issues | 64 pages | October 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Unlocking Value from Integrated Corporate Communications and Marketing (CHRO Business Implications)

Human resources professionals might not know it, but they have an important role in the future of corporate communications and marketing. This overview explores how integrating these two functions could deliver big opportunities in HR.

Key Business Issues | 8 pages | October 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

25 Truths about Branding: Insights from the Annual Brand Conference

Brands are striving to amplify word of mouth in social media, keep their voice consistent across platforms, and ride the momentum of changes in the digital landscape.

Conference KeyNotes | 16 pages | July 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

How Fortune 100 Brands Understand the People That Matter Most

Companies can learn about their customers through social media as well as online and physical shopping experiences. Managing privacy and the masses of data are the biggest challenges.

Report | 10 pages | April 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Build and Sustain Highly Engaging Leaders (CMO Strategic Implications)

The role of chief marketing officers is to ensure their organizations’ reputation is a strategic competitive advantage. They can do so by communicating their engaging culture through all appropriate channels.

Report | 8 pages | March 2016 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Creating Customer Experience: How to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

For some organizations, creating a customer experience is simple—the experience is the purpose of the purchase in the first place. A tourist destination in the Bahamas for example. In this case, the organization must become an expert in understanding what drives customers’ reactions, what inspires delight, and what pitfalls to avoid that could undo the experience. For other organizations—many other organizations in both B2C and B2B contexts—the customer experience may not be the central provision, but it is nevertheless crucial to the overall interaction. By ignoring the customer experience, organizations are missing a great opportunity to build relationships and secure repeated sales. As worldwide competition increases, marketers must think of the relationships they develop with other firms as analogous to providing an experience for their customers—one that creates a commitment to maintaining an ongoing business relationship. So how can your organization create an experience that makes customers want to keep coming back for more?

Recorded Webinar | February 2016 | The Conference Board of Canada

The Future of Communications: Navigating The Digital Web

Periscope. Meerkat. Blab. SnapChat. Facebook virtual assistant. Podcasting to video. Being able to delete things about you from the Internet. Instagram deletes the square. Facebook wants you to stay there and never leave. All of these things happened in less than 30 days in late 2015 … and are just a small reflection on how quickly the marketer’s job changes. So how is anyone supposed to keep up with what seems like a daily transformation in the communication landscape? Join us for this special session that will shed some light on the future of communications, and help you navigate the increasingly complex digital web. Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks and co-host of Inside PR, will walk you through what is new, what is to come, and how you can stay ahead of the trends and beat your competition.

Recorded Webinar | January 2016 | The Conference Board of Canada

What Can Leaders Learn from the 2015 Most Powerful Brands?

Brands are moving boldly. This momentum is the strongest since the recession, thanks to significant investments in business model innovation, collaboration, digital media and a renewed focus on customer experience. To grow business and drive revenue, corporate leaders need to embrace a broader, more holistic view of customer and brand experiences.

Recorded Webinar | December 2015 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Leveraging Multicultural Marketing to Grow Your Business: Promoting with Diversity

What is the economic impact of ethnic consumers in Canada? What are the current trends in ethnic marketing in Canada? What are the key ethnic populations that provide Canadian businesses with high growth opportunities? And how can YOU make the most of these opportunities? Join us for Leveraging Multicultural Marketing to Grow Your Business: Promoting with Diversity and find out about the best practices in ethnic marketing in Canada. Immigration trends change. And so do these new consumers and their demands. Ethnic consumers represent a huge opportunity for many Canadian firms. By 2031, one-third of Canada's population will be from a visible minority group. Organizations that target their offerings and marketing to attract a more diverse audience will be the ones that succeed. But targeting these populations doesn't have to be complicated.

Recorded Webinar | November 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Staying Ahead of Change and Preparing for 2020: Insights from the 2015 Corporate Brand and Reputation Conference

One of the best ways to build your brand is by getting the marketing, customer service, and sales teams to work together to provide the best customer experience possible.

Report | 7 pages | November 2015 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Tracking Your Social Brand: Innovative Social Media Metrics for your Business

It’s not good enough to simply be ‘on’ social media. Without clear strategic objectives and goals, all those tweets could be for naught. Everyday, more and more brands are learning that in order to truly see success in social media, they must move beyond “vanity metrics” (like “Post Rate” and “Growth Rate”) in favor of more dynamic and innovative measurement techniques. This special 60 minute live webinar with Cam Steed of Smashed Abacus looks at proven, innovative social media measurement practices that effective businesses have leveraged to avoid the “vanity metric” traps that plague the digital monitoring landscape. Cam will explore 6 of these thought-leading social media measurement techniques through case studies from globally recognized brands. We’ll also explore how they can be measured (using free, as well as paid tools) and some of the most popular Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that should be tracked by every business active on social media today.

Recorded Webinar | October 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Managing the Intersection of Corporate Culture and Technology: Why Social Media Still Matters

Facebook was born in 2004. Twitter was launched in 2006. In many ways, social media feels like a mature communications platform with very few surprises still left up its sleeve. Unfortunately, that’s a false assumption. All over the world, across multiple industries, leaders are still astonished when communications go awry, and messages fail to resonate with employees and brand advocates. The intersection of social media and corporate culture is a tricky one to navigate. The relentless innovation from Silicon Valley means that you have more to worry about than Facebook and Twitter. New and emerging tools, from Periscope to SnapChat, will impact the way your company tells its story to candidates, employees, future leaders, and even investors. How can you share good news about your business, and indemnify yourself against risk, if you don’t know what you don’t know? This session features Laurie Ruettimann, an influential speaker, writer and HR and social media expert. She is a former HR leader with over 15 years of experience with brands such as Hershey Chocolate, Unilever, Kemper Insurance and Pfizer. Ruettimann will provide case studies and a checklist to help you effectively communicate your organization’s value proposition on the channels you know ... and the channels you don’t!

Recorded Webinar | October 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

A Golden Social Strategy: How Team Canada Digitally Connects with Consumers

The Canadian Olympic Team has seen a massive shift in engagement with fans since they adopted their ‘fan’s first’ strategy and centered all their content and activations around the fan. Team Canada’s content team is built to excite and entertain fans 24/7/365 – not just in the Olympic window, ensuring that consumers (fans) remain loyal and engaged from Sochi to Rio, and beyond. It’s so simple… so why don’t more brands do it? What can your organization learn from Team Canada’s success, and how can these lessons be used in your own digital media strategies? Georgia Sapounas, Senior Manager, Digital for the Canadian Olympic Committee, presents why social and mobile made Sochi 2014 the most connected Olympic Games ever. You will hear how Team Canada’s activations in Sochi made Canada the most twitter-engaged country on the planet. You won’t want to miss this chance to learn digital strategy tips and tricks from one of Canada’s top brands, and the drastic shifts that were needed in the lead up to the Games to set themselves up for this success.

Recorded Webinar | September 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Yellow Pages: A Canadian Study in Digital Transformation

With over 50% of its revenues now coming exclusively from digital products and services, the Yellow Pages has successfully changed its model to serve the changing priorities of modern businesses and consumers. But just how did this legacy print company make this major shift to becoming a Canadian leader in the digital space? The transformation from print to digital is no small feat, something that companies across the world are discovering as they struggle to meet the needs of today’s world. And while no enterprise can claim complete integration just yet, certain companies are emerging stronger and better positioned for success than others. This webinar with Nicolas Gaudreau, Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer of Yellow Pages will cover the challenges in this type of transformation and how Yellow Pages has re-emerged as a reinvigorated brand that’s well on its way to a rebirth as a primarily digital company.

Recorded Webinar | September 2015 | The Conference Board of Canada

Driving Revenue Growth through Sustainable Products and Services: Implications for Chief Marketing Officers

The business benefits of sustainability initiatives go well beyond strengthening corporate image. Chief marketing officers can leverage such initiatives to be powerful drivers of revenue, growth, and innovation.

Key Business Issues | 8 pages | July 2015 | The Conference Board, Inc.

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