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Human Resources Management Service Reports

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25 Truths about Health Care: Insights from the 17th Annual Health Care Conference

Companies are taking a more holistic approach to their wellness programs by expanding them to include emotional and financial health.

Conference Key Notes | 20 pages | May 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Pratiques de planification des effectifs au Canada : Tendances et paramètres en matière de ressources humaines, 4e édition

Le présent rapport expose les conclusions du quatrième sondage Tendances et mesures dans les RH et met l’accent sur les pratiques de planification des effectifs des organisations canadiennes. Cette publication comprend un résumé en français, suivi d’une version anglaise du rapport intégral.

Résumé | 7 pages | May 2017 | Jane Cooper, Shannon Jackson | Le Conference Board du Canada

Workforce Planning Practices in Canada: Human Resources Trends and Metrics, Fourth Edition

This report represents findings from the fourth edition of the HR Trends and Metrics survey, with a focus on workforce planning practices in Canadian organizations.

Report | 89 pages | May 2017 | Jane Cooper, Shannon Jackson | The Conference Board of Canada

L’arrivée sur le marché du travail : Rémunération et perfectionnement des nouveaux diplômés et des étudiants salariés

Les organisations cherchent à recruter de jeunes employés talentueux à des postes de premier échelon. La présente note de recherche examine les salaires et les traitements horaires des nouveaux diplômés et des étudiants salariés, tout en explorant d’autres aspects pouvant intéresser les organisations qui veulent recruter, perfectionner et maintenir en poste des employés récemment diplômés.

Résumé | 52 pages | May 2017 | Monica Haberl | Le Conference Board du Canada

New to the Workforce: Compensating and Developing Recent-Graduate and Student Employees

Organizations are looking to attract top young talent into entry-level roles. This briefing explores salaries and hourly wages for new graduate and student-level employees, and discusses some key considerations for organizations looking to attract, develop, and retain new graduate employees.

Briefing | 48 pages | May 2017 | Monica Haberl | The Conference Board of Canada

The Leadership Outlook: Leadership Perspectives From The Middle

This report is the second in The Leadership Outlook series. It focuses on the distinctive role and outlook of middle managers within Canadian organizations with respect to organizational leadership.

Report | 64 pages | April 2017 | Colin Hall, Donna Burnett Vachon | The Conference Board of Canada

Perspectives en matière de leadership : le leadership vu du milieu

Ce rapport est le deuxième de la série Perspectives en matière de leadership. Il met l’accent sur le rôle et les points de vue particuliers des cadres intermédiaires au sein des organisations canadiennes en ce qui a trait au leadership organisationnel.

Résumé | 4 pages | April 2017 | Colin Hall, Donna Burnett Vachon | Le Conference Board du Canada

Mapping the Employee Development Journey: A Case Study for Career Pathing

In today’s competitive labour market, attraction, engagement, and retention of talent at all levels of the organization are key to organizational performance and sustainability. A well-designed career pathing program or process can support organizational success through increased loyalty and commitment for employees and the development of an experienced and skilled talent pool to fill future roles. Join Stephanie Burgetz, Senior Research Associate, The Conference Board of Canada, Stephanie Hollingshead, Sierra Systems and Myra Lewis, Export Development Canada (EDC) as they explore how organizations are approaching Career Pathing in different ways, reflecting on their unique industries and the needs of both their employees and the organization.

Recorded Webinar | April 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Everyday Conversations: Using Neuroscience to Drive Performance

How many thousands of conversations happen across your organization every day? Are you confident that every interaction is actually moving the business forward? What is the cost of the ones that don’t? Every conversation is an opportunity to impact performance. This webinar will give you the tools to ensure every conversation is productive, fosters greater commitment and garners results. This is an opportunity to learn why well intended conversations often go “off the rails”and how to keep it from happening. Rooted in the latest neuroscience, the Greenline methodology is simple to understand, easy to learn and instantly applicable. One conversation at a time.

Recorded Webinar | April 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Informal Learning Trends in Canadian Organizations

The learning landscape of Canadian organizations is changing. For nearly three decades, The Conference Board of Canada has been tracking trends in workplace learning and development in Canada. While formal methods still constitute the majority of organizational learning delivery today, research indicates that informal learning has become increasingly more prevalent in Canadian workplace environments, yet little research is available on the behaviors and practices comprising informal learning Join The Conference Board of Canada’s Donna Burnett Vachon and Colin Hall along with Dr. Saul Carliner, Professor in the Department of Education at Concordia University, and author of several books on training and development including Informal Learning Basics (2012) as they dive deep into the results of the Conference Board’s research.

Recorded Webinar | April 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Designing the Future of Diversity and Inclusion: Aspirations and Opportunities

Designing the Future of Diversity and Inclusion: Aspirations and Opportunities

Briefing | 11 pages | April 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Feminine Capital: Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Today, there are over 200,000,000 women business owners around the world. Many of these entrepreneurs are not doing business as usual. Rather, they are tapping into their unique feminine capital to create distinctive brands, build new markets, and drive profits—all while leveling the playing field in business. How does gender influence entrepreneurship and enterprise growth? How are women changing our social and economic landscape? How can Canadian business leaders work with, support, and amplify the power of women’s entrepreneurship? Drawing on four decades of award-winning research, Barbara Orser and Catherine Elliott will present a 60-minute live webinar where they will address these questions and discuss the nature of women’s enterprise, feminine capital and ‘being entrepreneurial’.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

DNA of Engagement: How Organizations Can Foster Employee Ownership of Engagement

We are in an employee engagement crisis. This report explains how everyone in the organization, including employees, can play a role in creating an engaged workforce. Includes case studies.

Report | 80 pages | March 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

22 Truths about Performance Management: Insights from the Performance Management Summit

Companies are revamping their performance management systems to reflect a modern-day workforce and agile way of working. This requires a culture change, which can be challenging.

Conference Key Notes | 15 pages | March 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

A Systems Perspective on High Performance Teamwork in Organizations

In the changing business landscape, teams have the potential to revolutionize how work is accomplished. Research and practice point to a number of factors that impact team performance that can be understood through a systems approach. Tom O’Neill, a leading researcher in team effectiveness, will share the current trends in organizational teamwork, focusing on the increasing necessity of collaboration, innovation and the changing environment that teams are working in. Taking a systemic approach, Tom will then walk us through the varying factors that impact team effectiveness focusing on organizational environment, team design, team dynamics, the role of leadership, and individual members. Leveraging both classic and emerging research, as well as industry trends, Tom will provide insights for navigating the new team landscape.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | The Conference Board of Canada

Digital Transformation – What is it and what does it mean for Human Capital?

Today’s leaders, both in the public and private sector, are facing the biggest technology transition we have ever witnessed. The digital era is causing a significant shift, not only in how organizations achieve business outcomes, but also the environment in which organizations must now operate. With the availability of real time information and smart technologies, agility, flexibility, and managing transitions are critical for competitiveness. This disruption means that organizations must be cognizant, now more than ever, how they leverage, manage and prepare their people to navigate the future of the workplace. Mary Young, lead investigator for The Conference Board US’s strategic workforce planning research, will elaborate the impact of digital transformation on both business and people strategies. Mary will walk us through the full extent of what digital transformation encompasses. She will share the results from her latest research, exploring the current state of digital transformation. Mary will present a model of the ripple effect of digital transformation on business and human capital to help organizations and leaders understand the key human capital considerations that must be addressed as a result of digital transformation.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | Mary Young | The Conference Board of Canada

DNA of Engagement: CHRO Business Implications

This report explains the role of individual employees in managing their engagement and provides strategies CHROs can implement to foster employee ownership of engagement throughout the talent management life cycle including: acquisition/onboarding, career development, training, performance/recognition, and retention.

Report | 8 pages | March 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

The Industrial Relations Outlook Webinar: Where Are We Headed in 2017?

What are the trends that will affect Canadian labour relations in 2017? What are the hot button issues for negotiating parties? How will the Canadian economic climate affect compensation and collective bargaining? Join us for the 60-minute live webinar on the 2017 Industrial Relations Outlook. Matthew Stewart, Associate Director, National Forecast and Custom Analysis, and Monica Haberl, Research Associate, Leadership and Human Resources Research, will share the details on the bargaining outlook, state of unions, economic outlook, and the compensation outlook for the coming year. You’ll gain insight into the top issues facing employers and unions today, and how the economic and compensation landscapes will play a role. This is an opportunity to ask the tough questions as you prepare for what 2017 holds.

Recorded Webinar | March 2017 | Monica Haberl, Matthew Stewart | The Conference Board of Canada

The Conference Board Human Capital in Review™: Future of Work (Vol. 1, No. 1, 2017)

This series focuses on the Future of Work and how technology is transforming every aspect of work—and in the process, opening a Pandora’s box of complex issues for today’s human capital practitioners.

Report | 15 pages | March 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Benchmarking Talent Management Practices in Canadian Organizations: Webinar on HR Trends and Metrics

Over the past ten years, The Conference Board of Canada has conducted four rounds of the HR Trends and Metrics Surveys with Canadian organizations. This year's report provides up-to-date metrics on a wide range of current HR practices, and looks back at some long-term trends we have observed in HR priorities and human capital challenges over the past decade.

Recorded Webinar | February 2017 | Jane Cooper, Shannon Jackson | The Conference Board of Canada

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