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Woods Products Industry

CTV, June 1, 2017

Micheal Burt speaking
Michael Burt discusses Canada’s wood products industry and new U.S. tariffs on softwood lumber with CTV News.

Provincial Food Report Card

BNN, May 18, 2017

Jean-Charles Le Vallée speaking on BNN
Jean-Charles Le Vallée joins BNN to discuss the results of the first-ever provincial Food Report Card.

Canadian Banks Get A Credit Rating Downgrade

CBC, May 11, 2017

Craig Alexander speaking
Chief Economist Craig Alexander discusses the fallout from the credit rating downgrade of Canada’s largest banks on CBC’s “On the Money” (begins at 11:25).

Immigration Context

CPAC, May 9, 2017

Craig Alexander speaking
Craig Alexander sat down with three provincial Ministers to discuss the immigration contexts in their jurisdictions.

Federal Budget 2017

CTV, March 23, 2017

Craig Alexander speaking
Chief Economist Craig Alexander discusses the Federal Budget 2017 in this interview with CTV News.

Provincial Economic Outlook

CBC, February 23, 2017

Marie-Christine Bernard speaking
Marie-Christine Bernard discusses the outlook for Canada’s provinces in 2017 on CBC’s “On the Money.”

Canada’s Trade Surplus

CBC, March 7, 2017

Craig Alexander speaking
Craig Alexander joins CBC’s “On the Money” to discuss Canada’s third consecutive month posting a trade surplus and what that means for the economy.

Investing in RRSPs Amid Market Uncertainty

CBC, February 21, 2017

Craig Alexander speaking
Craig Alexander offers advice for investing in RRSPs amid market uncertainty on CTV’s “Your Morning.”

The Future of Trade Deals

TVO, January 31, 2017

Steve Paikin and Craig Alexander speaking
Craig Alexander discusses the future of trade deals on TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

Canada’s Auto Industry and the Trump Administration

BNN, January 16, 2017

Sabrina Bond
Economist Sabrina Bond discusses President-elect Trump’s policies and the outlook for Canada’s auto manufacturing sector on BNN.


What Will Cost More in 2017

CTV, December 15, 2016

Craig Alexander Speaking
Craig Alexander discusses what Canadians can expect to pay more for in 2017 in this interview with CTV.

Labour Shortages in Canada’s Agriculture Sector

CBC, December 1, 2016

Photo of Micheal Burt speaking
Michael Burt discusses a recent report on labour shortages in Canada’s agriculture sector and the growing reliance on temporary foreign workers (at 36:45).

Trade Alternatives for Canada

BNN, November 28, 2016

Photo of Glen Hodgson speaking
Glen Hodgson discusses trade alternatives to the Trans-Pacific Partnership for Canada in the wake of the U.S. election.

Canada’s Earthquake Risk

BNN, November 22, 2016

Photo of Pedro Antunes speaking

Pedro Antunes discusses Canada’s earthquake risk.

Market Reaction to U.S. Election

CBC, November 9, 2016

Photo of Craig Alexander

Craig Alexander participates in a CBC panel to discuss the markets’ reaction to the U.S. election results.

Fall Economic Update

CBC, November 1, 2016

Photo of Craig Alexander speaking

Craig Alexander discusses the Finance Minister’s fall economic update on CBC.

Canadian Economic Outlook

BNN, October 27, 2016

Photo of Wendy Mitchell and Annette Verschuren

Matthew Stewart discusses the Canadian economic outlook with BNN and why the energy sector won't be a big contributor to growth in the coming years.

Physician Assistants in Canadian Health Care

CBC, October 24, 2016

Thy Dinh explains why hiring more physician assistants could save the Canadian health care system millions.

Oil Extraction Losses for 2016

BNN, October 4, 2016

Photo of Carlos Murillo speaking
Carlos Murillo explains why Canada’s oil extraction industry is set to lose $10 billion dollars in 2016.

Électricité dans le Nord canadien

Radio-Canada, septembre 27, 2016

Close up photo of a microphone

Christopher Duschenes discute de l’inaccessibilité des communautés éloignées à des tarifs d’électricité raisonnables via Radio-Canada.

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