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The Centre for the North is for senior corporate, Aboriginal, and public sector leaders responsible for developing and leveraging their organizations’ Northern and Aboriginal policy mandates. Members must have a vested interest in the general themes covered by the Centre. They should also be motivated to contribute their expertise to furthering discussions and actions on the prosperity of Canada’s North—as seen from a domestic as well as an international perspective. Equally, members must have a desire to build trusted relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships to the benefit of Northerners.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Contribute to the direction of the Centre’s research agenda and activities, based on your organization’s mandate and interests.
  • Garner leading-edge information and access to new approaches that will help you make more informed decisions and develop effective organizational strategies.
  • Gain access to a Canadian and international community of experts and practitioners who will share their knowledge, experiences, perspectives, and best practices.
  • Receive research briefings and reports, as well as a copy of the twice annual Territorial Outlook.
  • Access research, advisory, or event services from the Centre’s director and staff.
  • Request private briefings. As a member, you are entitled to have Centre staff speak to your team and/or at your organization’s events. (Speaking fee will be waived.)
  • Engage with the members of the Conference Board’s Council on Corporate Aboriginal Relations (CCAR) to widen your network of Aboriginal relations professionals.

For more information, please contact us.

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Stefan Fournier
Senior Manager, Executive Networks, Northern and Aboriginal Policy

Christopher Duschenes
Director, Northern and Aboriginal Policy, Centre for the North

Beverley Hinterhoeller
Events and Marketing Coordinator, Public Policy