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Enterprise Risk Management 2017: Succeeding in Fast, Furious and Turbulent Times

Monday April 10 - Tuesday April 11 2017 One King West Toronto, ON

As a flagship Conference Board of Canada event, the Enterprise Risk Management Conference delivers vital and practical guidance to thousands of risk leaders and practitioners across the country each year.

Since 2000, risk executives and strategists have gathered together to be inspired by industry innovators, and benefit from their insights and practical guidance on risk planning, customization, measurement, and delivery.

Conference Overview

When the corporate world is in turmoil, managing your risk program can feel like leaping from an airplane.

Will your parachute be ready?

Brexit. The U.S. Election. The refugee crisis. Massive wildfires in Fort McMurray. Terrorist attacks at home and abroad. When news headlines across the world share the unexpected, agile companies must be ready to make difficult decisions. Change is the only constant in business, and we as risk professionals, need to be prepared to embrace it at any moment. Today’s ERM managers need to know how to adapt their risk management program to withstand the effects of globalization, environmental change, and other manmade risks. Now more than ever, foresight is necessary.

This highly interactive event combines practical case studies, keynote presentations by leading thinkers and business experts, and peer-to-peer discussion opportunities, all focused on helping you to be ready to open your parachute at a moment's notice.

Agile organizations are nimble and ready for change.

Organizational agility is more than resilience to risk events, it is the capability of a company to rapidly change or adapt and strive in response to changes in the market. A high degree of organizational agility can help a company to react successfully to the emergence of new competitors, the development of new industry-changing technologies, or sudden shifts in overall market conditions.

Put your ERM strategy to the test.

Seasoned investors come face to face with risk regularly, and each day the signs are evident. Shareholders demonstrate their confidence or disapproval in organizations with every stock exchange transaction. The organizations that operate with a mature risk management framework are more likely to earn support than companies that are dealing with a weaker risk strategy. Take a close look at the volatility of share prices following a major corporate crisis. When stock prices change drastically, it can be an indicator of less robust risk management practices. For some organizations, a relationship can be demonstrated between risk maturity and stock prices, return on equity, and corporate resiliency.

As a risk professional, you may have fire-walked through organizational crisis, facing the difficult task of convincing management to take the time to assess and manage long term risks. It isn’t enough for ERM practitioners to have a plan. You still need to properly focus management’s attention to the future and ensure that complacency does not creep into the organization’s risk assessment activities. Attend ERM 2017 and learn how can you avoid being seen as a doomsday prophet and succeed in having buy-in from the top down.

Join your peers at ERM 2017 for practical lessons in how you can:

  • articulate and demonstrate the value of ERM
  • employ ERM in a world of chaos and survive to talk about it
  • avoid complacency and compliance exercises
  • optimize your ERM reporting to drive risk-intelligent decisions that advance strategic performance
  • align strategic (enterprise) with tactical (operational) perspectives on risk management
  • exploit your risk information and gain organizational agility
  • “mine” your ERM data and experiences to identify the best opportunities to navigate through explosive times
  • learn from risk incidents and near misses across industry sectors to build the resilience you need to protect corporate value
  • apply upcoming changes to the COSO and ISO 31000 standards
  • and more!

Building on Success

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. Its events attract renowned public and private sector experts, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for all participants.

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2016 Event

Last year's Enterprise Risk Management conference took place February 29–March 1, 2016 at the Marriott Eaton Centre.

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