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Image of report coverDoing More with Less: Energy Efficiency Potential in Canada

Report, 66 pages, August 2017
This report provides an overview of available national and provincial energy efficiency potential studies to assist in assessing the remaining energy efficiency potential in Canada.

Image of report coverA Changing Tide: British Columbia’s Emerging Liquefied Natural Gas Industry

Report, 63 pages, February 2016
This report quantifies the potential economic and labour market impacts that would occur in British Columbia, resulting from a 30 million tonnes per annum liquefied natural gas industry.

Image of report coverA Long, Hard Road: Reducing GHG Emissions in Canada’s Road Transportation Sector by 2050

Report, 172 pages, November 2015
This report provides an evidence-based view of the contribution that road transportation might practically make to achieve the “80 by 50” greenhouse gas emissions reduction target in Canada.

Image of report coverFinding the Mix: The Choice of Generation Technologies in Canada

Report, 98 pages, September 2015
This report examines several of the challenges facing electricity generators in five provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. Alberta and Saskatchewan are the primary focus of the report.

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Environmental and Social Proposals in the 2017 Proxy Season

The volume of environmental and social proposals at Russell 3000 companies has consistently gone up in the past five years.

Director Notes | 25 pages | November 2017 | The Conference Board, Inc.

Carbon Leakage and Canadian Climate Policy

Carbon Leakage and Canadian Climate Policy reviews carbon leakage to examine what it is, how it is measured, why it matters, and how Canada has approached this theme to date.

Briefing | 24 pages | November 2017 | Len Coad | The Conference Board of Canada

La fuite de carbone et la politique climatique du Canada

L’auteur de ce document se penche sur le problème de la fuite de carbone et explique de quoi il s’agit, comment cette fuite est mesurée, pourquoi ce problème est important et comment le Canada l’a traité jusqu’à maintenant.

Note de recherche | 26 pages | November 2017 | Len Coad | Le Conference Board du Canada

Renewable Fuel Standards Within a Low-Carbon Fuel Strategy

Environment and Climate Change Canada is considering the introduction of a Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) This briefing advocates retaining a minimum blend mandate, ensuring that the role of ethanol is strengthened and its benefits extended.

Briefing | 26 pages | September 2017 | Len Coad, Gerry Angevine | The Conference Board of Canada

Le rôle des normes sur les carburants renouvelables

Environnement et changement climatique Canada envisage l’adoption d’une norme sur les carburants propres. Cette note de recherche recommande de garder des exigences minimales en matière de mélanges, en veillant à renforcer le rôle de l’éthanol et à en étendre les avantages.

Note de recherche | 30 pages | September 2017 | Len Coad, Gerry Angevine | Le Conference Board du Canada

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