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Value-Based Procurement and Innovation: Procurement as an Enabler of Value-Based Health Care

Wednesday April 18 2018 Design Exchange Toronto, Ontario

The need for improving health outcomes and health system performance while controlling costs is of paramount importance for leading countries. This has led to the emergence of value-based health care models, which show a shift from emphasis on volume of services provided to patient outcomes achieved, thus optimizing value for patients. Given that procurement is at the heart of purchasing value, value-based procurement goes hand-in-hand with value-based health care.

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Procurement used to be designed around procuring for commodities and now is increasingly shifting to procuring for outcomes and solutions. With this shift comes a realization that traditional processes don't always serve health care systems well. Some international jurisdictions, particularly in Europe, are shifting their procurement philosophy and practices towards value-based procurement to the benefit of health care systems. Canadian provinces are taking note and following this trend. A strong understanding of the possibilities within value-based procurement and the processes involved among key stakeholders is vital to make progress quickly and reap the benefits that our health care systems require.

The Conference Board of Canada will be holding a one-day conference that will help you better understand value-based procurement, competitive dialogue, and clinician and physician engagement, exploring great tools to implement so you can benefit from the opportunities.

The sustainability of Canada's public health care system will depend in large part on innovations that can enhance the efficiency, safety, quality, and productivity of health and health care services.

Every year, governments in Canada spend billions of public dollars on products and services. If used appropriately, this purchasing power could boost innovations in the health care sector and improve system performance. Experiences in other countries suggest that Canada has a compelling opportunity to accelerate the development and adoption of innovation in public health care by transforming its procurement processes.

Value-based procurement is a major policy initiative that is garnering attention domestically and around the world.

Within the last five years, The Conference Board of Canada has facilitated international roundtables and conferences on innovative, value-based procurement in Toronto, Barcelona, Russia, Halifax, Montreal, Portugal, and Vancouver. As a result of these engagements and ongoing research, the Conference Board is in a unique position to draw on international dialogue and experiences to further this agenda across Canada. There is strong need and interest across Canada to embrace value-based procurement, and several important initiatives and leadership steps have been taken in different provinces.

This conference will bring together national and international expertise and experience in value-based procurement to increase capacity, seed ideas for change, and strengthen a network and community of practice to advance reform in this area.

Procurement can be one of the most powerful resources available to hospitals and other health care organizations for management of their limited resources.

Governments increasingly recognize that the introduction of new technologies into health care systems does not have to weigh down the bottom line. Through strategic implementation and best practices, value-based procurement can improve quality, safety, and outcomes without driving up costs.

This important conference will tap into the conversations that are taking place within and between provinces and at the federal level of government. It will explore the plans that are being laid for modifying the rules and practices of public procurement that allow for more scope for innovation, and it will bring attention to national and international trends and experience with the most innovation-friendly approaches.

As a participant, you will come away with a sense of what the opportunities are and how you can embrace evolving procurement practices that can result in better patient outcomes and an enhanced bottom-line.

Did you know that:

  • Value-based procurement is a major policy initiative in Canada and around the world?
  • Value-based procurement can lead to better patient outcomes?
  • Value-based procurement can save your hospital money while improving the quality of its health care provision?
  • The European Union has issued new public procurement directives that give more scope to innovation-friendly approaches, such as competitive dialogue?
  • Canadian provinces like Ontario and British Columbia are Canadian leaders in procuring for solutions?

Building on success.

The Conference Board is Canada’s most respected independent research and conference development organization. Conference Board events attract the top public and private sector leaders, and provide an insightful and enlightening learning experience for conference participants.


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2017 Event

Last year's Value-Based Procurement conference took place May 29–30, 2017 at the The Westin Bayshore Vancouver in British Columbia.

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