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Women in Senior Management—Strategies for Creating an Environment Where Women Thrive

This 60-minute session will explore strategies and practices that organizations can undertake to ensure women attain the skills, confidence, critical experience and gender-specific career strategies that will help them in their career journey.

The 2014 CEO Challenge Webinar

Each year, The Conference Board conducts a global survey of CEOs, presidents, and chairmen to identify their most critical challenges. This year, human capital, consumer relationships, innovation, and operational excellence were identified as four highly related and interdependent business challenges that require attention. This 60-minute recorded webinar discusses these issues.

The Value Add of Female Board Members Webinar

The Conference Board and The Directors College present a special webinar with report authors, Dr. Chris Bart, Founder and lead faculty for The Directors College, and Dr. Greg McQueen, Directors College faculty member for The Value Add of Female Board Members Webinar. During this session, Bart and McQueen provide details of the significance of the survey findings and discuss what value women bring to board discussions, dynamics, and decisions, and why this is impactful to corporate performance.

Centered Leadership: How Talented Women Thrive

This webcast will help you identify and build on your own strengths as a leader who can make a profound difference in your organization.

Women in Leadership: A Call for Change

Women in Leadership: A Call for Change is a 60 minute webinar that showcases the research findings of an upcoming report called Women in Leadership: Perceptions and Priorities for Change. Join us and explore the enablers of women’s advancement from four main perspectives—leadership attitudes, organizational opportunities, career advancement motivation, and leadership abilities. This is an opportunity to hear from Ian Cullwick, Vice-President of the Conference Board’s Leadership and Human Resources Research Division, and report author, Donna Burnett Vachon, Associate Director.